Merkel, May Criticize Trump's Refugee Ban - Wall Street Journal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday voiced opposition to President Donald Trump's decision to suspend entry to the U.S. for some refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. “The chancellor ...

Angela Merkel's Censure Of Donald Trump's Executive Order Puts Theresa May To Shame - Huffington Post

“That way of thinking is against my interpretation of the basic tenets of international refugee support and cooperation,” Merkel said. By Alana Horowitz Satlin. 40k. 240. German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a strong rebuke of U.S. President Donald ...

Martin Schulz pits experience against populism in chancellorship run - Financial Times

In Germany Martin Schulz has personified the EU for so long that the television news calls him “Mr Europa”. With the possible exception of Angela Merkel, no other German politician is more closely identified with the 28-member bloc and its institutions.

Brussels Blog - (blog)

Martin Schulz is one of Europe's heavy hitters. But when it comes to German domestic politics, he's more of a dark horse than a big beast. That hasn't stopped the centre-left Social Democrats anointing him as their candidate for chancellor in this ...

Schulz vows to shake up German elections with fight for more equality - Reuters UK

Former European Parliament president Martin Schulz reacts after his speech at a meeting of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) at their party headquarters in Berlin, Germany, January 29, 2017, were Schulz was officially appointed SPD party leader.

External or internal enemies? - New Europe

French President Francois Hollande met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on January 27. After their meeting, the two leaders made declarations concerning the rise of populism in Europe and the threat of EU internal and external enemies.