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Princess Diana remembered: 'I left flowers in 1997' - BBC News

Bunches of flowers and handwritten notes to "our queen of hearts" have been laid by well-wishers at the gates of Diana's former home, Kensington Palace, for the 20th anniversary of her death. A large banner strewn across the palace's Golden Gates reads ...and more »

Was Princess Diana a feminist? - Evening Standard

Was Diana a feminist? I would hardly have thought of her as honorary chair of UK Feminista when I trailed after her as a young reporter, on rounds of ribbon cutting and hand-shaking, while Diana transitioned from well-behaved Sloane to the purveyor of ...and more »

Princess Diana letter claims Prince Charles was 'planning an accident' in her car just 10 months before fatal crash - The Independent

Princess Diana allegedly claimed that she believed Prince Charles was planning “an accident in my car” that would leave her with a serious head injury. This would allow him “to marry”, she reportedly wrote in a note to her former butler Paul Burrell ...and more »

The death of Princess Diana: a week that rocked Britain - The Guardian

Events leading up to and beyond the shocking announcement that the Princess of Wales had died in a car crash in Paris. 'She touched the lives of millions': readers on Diana's death and funeral. by Caroline Davies. Thu 31 Aug 2017 05.29 EDT First ...and more »

How has Princess Diana's death changed the Royal Family? - BBC News

The death of Princess Diana in 1997, and the public's response to it, shook the House of Windsor. Twenty years on, there's been a coup at the palace. It was bloodless. All the royals remain standing. But the power has shifted. The departure, earlier ...and more »

Diana's final hours: Dodi's yacht, a Ritz suite, a diamond ring and relentless photographers - Washington Post

The last day of Princess Diana's life began on the top deck of her lover's yacht, with croissants and fresh jams. Diana and her beau, Dodi Al Fayed, sipped their coffee marveling at the breathtaking Emerald Coast in Sardinia. Diana took hers with milk ...and more »

How Princess Diana's death came to define tragedy for the media - The Conversation UK

It's 7am on the August 31, 1997 and I'm woken by my clearly distressed mum. “Princess Diana is dead,” she says. I'm 18 years old and go on to spend the whole day consuming the intimate details of Diana's death on television. Over the next few days, I ...and more »

PRINCESS DIANA DEATH: Claim Diana was 'killed to stop engagement to Dodi Al Fayed' -

Many remain convinced it was not the accident the British Government would have us believe. This is despite, in 2006, the Met Police releasing the findings of its Operation Paget inquiry which looked extensively at claims there had been a Royal Family ...and more »

Princess Diana: How Surrey mourned the People's Princess - Get Surrey

The bear in the window wore black. For years, Pauline Harrison had dressed a teddy bear, Joshua, to reflect national events and displayed him in her window overlooking the A3 in Milford. He became a local landmark. After the news broke of the death of ...and more »

Diana and the empire of phoney emotion - Spiked

Twenty years after her death, her therapeutic ethos still stalks the land. I. 31 August 2017. 218 comments ?Share. Get spiked by email. In the 20 years since the death of Princess Diana, the values she embodied have grown and spread across society. The ...and more »