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Long road to recovery for Puerto Rico pharmaceuticals - Chemistry World

Puerto Rico is a hub of pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the devastation wrought by hurricane Maria has affected that industry, although it remains to be seen how badly. The storm battered the US island territory with sustained winds of up to 155 ...and more »

'Happy to help': Dr Phil sends plane with $50000 of supplies to disaster-struck Puerto Rico - Daily Mail

Dr. Phil McGraw sent the private plane to Puerto Rico this week to help with disaster relief; It contained $50,000 worth of supplies donated by CVS for the victims; Actor Freddie Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican native, thanked him for his help; Thousands ...and more »

Stephen Colbert Accuses President of 'Trump-splaining' to Puerto Ricans - New York Times

Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. What do you think of it? What else are you interested in? Let us know: 'Compassion'. President Trump's visit to Puerto Rico on ...and more »

Why is Puerto Rico more than $70 billion in debt? - MarketWatch

Puerto Rico now has more than $70 billion in debt - and President Trump wants to wipe it out. But why does Puerto Rico owe so much in the first place? And what can the territory do now? Posted October 6, 2017. Latest Video. Play All. Here's how we got ...and more »

Puerto Rico Power Outages May Cause Drug Shortages - Newsmax

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday warned that U.S. drug shortages are possible because power outages in Puerto Rico have stopped or limited production at many medicine factories there. Nearly 10 percent of the medicines used by Americans, plus ...and more »

Why Puerto Rico donations lag behind fundraising for Harvey, Irma victims - USA TODAY

Hurricane Maria has wrecked the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, causing a near shut-down of the island's economy and leaving most of its 3.4 million citizens without power and other vital goods and services. But as contributions soar to homegrown ...and more »

For Many on Puerto Rico, the Most Coveted Item is a Plane Ticket Out - New York Times

SAN JUAN, P.R. — On a hurricane-battered island where people may still wait hours for gasoline, cash and ice, one of the scarcest, most precious commodities has become a plane ticket out. Two weeks after Hurricane Maria, thousands of Puerto Ricans are ...and more »

Outrage and Circuses - Inside Higher Ed (blog)

I've been trying to scale Mount To Be Read on my bedside table to balance my diet of breaking news, most of it catastrophic and dramatic. (A tip for those who face a similar struggle: I deleted Twitter from my phone, and it's astonishing how much time ...and more »

After Hurricane Maria, Physicians Team Up to Provide Care - Medscape

From the military to professional medical organizations, to grassroots efforts, the healthcare community is uniting to help the people of Puerto Rico surmount and survive diverse challenges in the aftermath of back-to-back powerful hurricanes ...and more »

FEMA buried updates on Puerto Rico. Here they are. - Washington Post

At some point this week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency removed information from its website documenting how much of the island of Puerto Rico still lacked power or access to drinking water. Instead, our Jenna Johnson reported, the federal ...and more »