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Theresa May's speech proves she has learnt nothing from her disastrous election - The Conversation UK

Andy Price does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Partners. Sheffield Hallam ...and more »

Prankster Simon Brodkin hands Theresa May P45 in the middle of her speech, saying 'Boris asked me to give you this' -

Theresa May's keynote speech at Tory conference descended into chaotic scenes after she struggled to cope with a sore throat and was interrupted by a prankster. The Prime Minister intended the speech to relaunch her Premiership after a Conservative ...and more »

6 things you hope will never happen when you make a speech -

Poor Theresa May. It's surely all anyone can say after watching this morning's car crash of a conference speech, which saw the PM heckled, handed a P45, spill water down her chin, and then lose her voice so profoundly she could barely get her words out ...and more »

Theresa May offers the 'British dream' but speech turns into a nightmare - The Guardian

Theresa May sought to relaunch her premiership on Wednesday by offering voters the “British dream” but the most personal speech of her premiership was overshadowed by a prankster handing her a P45, an incessant cough, and problems with the backdrop ...and more »

Theresa May says cabinet 'fully behind' her leadership - BBC News

Theresa May has said she has the "full support of her cabinet" after a former party chairman said there should be a Conservative leadership contest. The PM insisted she was providing the "calm leadership" the country needed. Grant Shapps says about 30 ...and more »

Theresa May faces call to quit after disastrous speech - Financial Times

Theresa May was facing growing calls from Conservative MPs to quit, as she retreated to her home by the river Thames on Thursday to consider her response to this week's disastrous Tory conference. About 30 Conservative MPs were said to be discussing a ...and more »

Meet the Conservative Party's new torchbearers - The Economist

THE party that met in Manchester this week was in a dismal mood: divided over Brexit, depressed by the recent election debacle and disillusioned with its leadership. The only energy in the conference was energy tinged with derangement. The biggest ...and more »

Theresa May taps into the opulence trend with a £265 new pair of shoes for her conference speech -

Theresa May's speech at the Tory conference this lunchtime didn't go without incident after a prankster managed to hand her a P45 and she appeared to lose her voice. But amongst the interruptions, May sought to address her reputation for lacking warmth ...and more »

Theresa May speech: What's the problem with affordable housing? - BBC News

The prime minister has promised to invest an additional £2bn in affordable housing. The Conservative Party says that will fund the building of an additional 25,000 new homes for social rent, expected to be mainly council housing, over two years from ...and more »

Theresa May announces £2bn for council homes expansion - BBC News

Councils and housing associations have welcomed government plans to spend £2bn on a "new generation" of council houses and affordable homes for rent. In her conference speech, Theresa May pledged to dedicate her premiership to fixing the "broken ...and more »