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Why we need to take Jeremy Corbyn's earnings cap idea more seriously - The Conversation UK

When Jeremy Corbyn floated the idea of a cap on high earnings in his first big speech of 2017, the Labour Party leader ran into hot water and quickly expanded the idea, mentioning other methods of curbing excessive pay. He emphasised the idea that ...and more »

Why Jeremy Corbyn can't seem to solve Labour's immigration conundrum - The Conversation UK

For the Labour party, tackling the issue of immigration – and especially EU immigration – has been a back-breaking task. Its record in office has dogged the party, and public concern about large-scale immigration contributed to Labour's electoral ...and more »

Shadow Defence Secretary "absolutely livid" over Jeremy Corbyn spokesman's comments on NATO mission in eastern ... -

Labour splits on defence burst into the open tonight over NATO's role in defending allies against Russia. Asked if RAF Top Guns should be pulled out of Estonia to ease tensions with Moscow, Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman said: "There clearly needs to be a ...and more »

Army minister accuses Corbyn of siding with Russia against Nato - The Guardian

Mike Penning says Labour leader 'would rather collaborate with Russian aggression' in row over Estonia troop deployment. Rowena Mason and Heather Stewart. Thu 12 Jan 2017 15.36 EST Last modified on Tue 13 Mar 2018 13.56 EDT. Share on Facebook ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn clashes with Labour defence spokeswoman Nia Griffith over support for Nato action - The Independent

Jeremy Corbyn has clashed with his own defence spokeswoman after he again cast doubt on his support for Nato. Nia Griffith made clear she was “absolutely furious” after the Labour leader's spokesman questioned Britain sending 800 troops to Estonia as ...and more »

Momentum pushes activists to join Labour party to retain membership under new constitution - The Independent

Momentum has introduced a new constitution, announcing it will now aim to affiliate to Labour and require all its members to join the party to retain their membership. The organisation, set up in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn's first victory in the Labour ...and more »

The complex politics of pay inequality in the UK - Financial Times

Economically, socially and politically, pay disparity is a crucial issue in the UK. Since 2010, FTSE 100 chief executives' pay has risen a third and is now 147 times more than the employees' average wage. Company performance, needless to say, has not ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn is showing how left populism fails - Vox

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK's Labour Party, is the most authentically left-wing politician currently leading a major party in the industrialized world. He is also presiding over that party's historic political collapse. Labour lags 12.5 points ...and more »

Momentum shakeup will force members to join Labour - The Guardian

Founder Jon Lansman convinces committee to sign up to new structure and rules in attempt to settle disputes. Heather Stewart and Rajeev Syal. Tue 10 Jan 2017 18.47 EST Last modified on Tue 20 Jun 2017 13.47 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn discusses Nato comments with Nia Griffith - BBC News

Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow defence secretary had a "friendly and constructive" meeting, Labour sources said, after a reported row over Nato. Nia Griffith was said to be "livid" about reports that Mr Corbyn's spokesman had suggested Nato troops should ...and more »