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SpaceX's Plan to Provide Internet from Orbit Edges Closer to Launch - MIT Technology Review

Using over 4,000 satellites to blanket the world in wireless broadband would be expensive compared to other approaches. by Jamie Condliffe; November 17, 2016. Elon Musk's plan to beam Internet connections through the skies via satellites is a step ...and more »

Elon Musk wants to cover the world with internet from space - The Guardian

Elon Musk said earlier in the year that his satellite plan would cost at least $10bn. Photograph: Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP. The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is planning to put more than 4,000 satellites in orbit in order to blanket the Earth with internet access ...and more »

SpaceX just asked permission to launch 4425 satellites — more than orbit Earth today - Business Insider

spacex falcon 9 Flickr/SpaceX SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by the Mars-hungry tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, just made a big move to envelop the Earth in high-speed internet coverage. On Tuesday, the company filed a lengthy application with the ...and more »

SpaceX plans worldwide satellite Internet with low latency, gigabit speed - Ars Technica

SpaceX has detailed ambitious plans to bring fast Internet access to the entire world with a new satellite system that offers greater speeds and lower latency than existing satellite networks. The private spacecraft company founded by CEO Elon Musk ...and more »

SpaceX wants to launch over 4000 satellites to create a space-based global internet network -

The company says it plans to deploy 4,425 satellites to create the high-speed network that would be available across the globe. That's more than current number of satellites above Earth right now. SpaceX has reportedly filed documents with the US ...and more »

SpaceX files FCC application for internet access network with 4425 satellites - GeekWire

SpaceX and Space Needle SpaceX celebrated the announcement of a Seattle-area satellite operation by lighting up its logo at Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center. (GeekWire photo). SpaceX has laid out further details about a 4,425-satellite communications ...and more »

Space invader Elon Musk to swarm Earth with 4425-strong army of superfast internet satellites - International Business Times UK

SpaceX has asked the FCC for approval to launch thousands of satellites into low-Earth orbit. Mary-Ann Russon. By Mary-Ann Russon. Updated November 17, 2016 14:11 GMT. Satellites orbiting around the Earth Do you wish that internet could be beamed down ...and more »

SpaceX wants to launch 4425 internet satellites - Engadget

SpaceX has just asked the FCC for permission to launch 4,425 satellites that can provide high-speed (1 Gbps) internet around the globe. That's more than thrice the current number of active satellites orbiting our planet, based on the data posted by the ...and more »

​SpaceX plots 4000 satellite constellation for home broadband - ZDNet

SpaceX's plans for delivering satellite broadband. Image: SpaceX. Elon Musk's rocket-launching service SpaceX has detailed plans to launch hundreds of satellites as a backbone for a global broadband service. Musk first discussed the idea of creating a ...and more »

Elon Musk wants to launch 4000 satellites and smother globe with net connectivity - The Register

Opinion Money-burning madtech mogul Elon Musk has asked US regulators for permission to launch more than 4,000 satellites in a $10bn project to create a global satellite internet network. The scheme was spotted by Reuters, which reported that a filing ...and more »