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Japanese woman 'dies from overwork' after logging 159 hours of overtime in a month - The Guardian

Fate of media worker Miwa Sado, 31, piles pressure on authorities to address large number of deaths linked to labour practices. Japanese firm fined token sum after woman died from overwork · Justin McCurry in Tokyo. Thu 5 Oct 2017 03.11 EDT Last ...and more »

Japanese reporter died after clocking 159 hours of overtime - CNNMoney

NHK said that labor officials had concluded that the 31-year-old political reporter died from heart failure caused by spending long hours on the job. Japan, known for its 'salaryman' culture and punishing work hours, has struggled for years to tackle ...and more »

Japanese reporter died after 159 hours of overtime - Arab News

TOKYO: Japan's public broadcaster has vowed to reform its working practices as it revealed that a young reporter died of heart failure after logging 159 hours of overtime in a month. NHK reporter Miwa Sado, 31, who had been covering political news in ...and more »

A 31-year-old's 'death from overwork' causes Japan to rethink work-life balance - Business Insider

The latest victim to be announced as a case of karoshi is 31-year-old Miwa Sado, who worked for the Japanese news network NHK and reportedly logged 159 overtime hours in one month before she died of heart failure in July 2013. She had taken just two ...and more »

NHK reveals reporter's 'karoshi' in 2013 after grueling OT - Asahi Shimbun

More than three years after the official ruling, Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) disclosed on the air on Oct. 4 that the death of one of its reporters in 2013 of heart failure was blamed on overwork. The admission will likely refuel calls for a halt to ...and more »

NHK reveals journalist's 2013 death was caused by overwork - The Japan Times

Overwork had caused the death of a 31-year-old NHK female reporter in 2013, according to the labor standards inspectors, the public broadcaster said Wednesday, providing further evidence of the extreme working conditions many Japanese employees endure ...and more »

Japanese woman dies after working 159 hours overtime -

A political journalist in Japan died from overwork, her employer has revealed four years after her death. Miwa Sado died of congestive heart failure in 2013 after working 159 hours and 37 minutes of overtime in one month, her employer, the Japanese ...and more »

Young Japanese Reporter Died of 'Karoshi,' or Overwork, Broadcaster Says -

Japanese public broadcaster NHK announced this week that one of its young reporters died of "karoshi," a Japanese term for overwork, renewing calls for labor reform in a nation where working long hours is prized. Miwa Sado died of congestive heart ...and more »

Woman in Japan dies from 'overwork,' a common cause of death in the nation - New York Daily News

Media worker Miwa Sado logged 159 hours of overtime in one month before she died of heart failure. A 31-year-old employee of Japan's public broadcaster, NHK, only took 2 days off during the July 2013 when she worked nearly double the hours considered ...and more »

Journalist died from working too much - Metro

A journalist in Japan has died of overwork after putting in more than 100 hours of overtime in just a month. Miwa Sado, 31, worker for the NHK broadcaster's centre in Tokyo and had been regularly staying late and working on days off to cover local ...and more »