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The X Factor 2017: Sam Black proposes live on stage after elimination while Holly get through on her 16th birthday - Evening Standard

Following a dramatic first round, this year's X Factor boot camp ended with tears, powerhouse performances and an emotional on-stage proposal. After getting though the first round by the skin of his teeth, Sam Black tried to impress the judges with an ...and more »

X Factor faces more 'fix' claims after another act gets chance to 'magically' sing a better second song -

X Factor faces more 'fix' claims after another act got the chance to 'magically' sing a better second song. On Saturday night, viewer were furious when Alisah Bonoaobra refused to leave the stage after being sent home, then managed to get through to ...and more »

The X Factor 2017, Bootcamp, Saturday recap: have we discovered the next Matt Cardle? -

Well, thank heavens for that. The relentless X Factor audition process – even longer than ever this year - is over and now things start getting interesting. Well, interesting-ish. Bootcamp has multiple stages these days and really shows up which acts ...and more »

X Factor viewers outraged with 'selfish' Descendance mum as daughter pleads to let her go through alone -

X Factor viewers were left outraged by a 'selfish' mother tonight after her daughter pleaded to let her go through alone. Debye, 40, told daughter Hayley, 20, she 'couldn't do this to her' before finally deciding to split up their group. The judges ...and more »

X Factor's Sam Black melts viewers' hearts as he proposes to girlfriend after being dumped from the show - The Sun

X FACTOR hopeful Sam Black melted the hearts of viewers tonight as he proposed to his girlfriend Emma on the Wembley Arena stage - after being dumped out of the competition by the judges. The 27-year-old plasterer from the Isle of Man had two attempts ...and more »

X Factor hopeful Sam Black proposes to his girlfriend after his Bootcamp audition but gets rejected -

X Factor hopeful Sam Black was desperate for a 'yes' as he proposed to his girlfriend on stage after his Bootcamp audition. The 27-year- old plasterer, from the Isle of Man, got down on one knee in front of Emma, 24, but had to face rejection. Sam ...and more »

X Factor 2017: Bootcamp, Sunday recap: Sam Black gets a 'yes' off his girlfriend -

Ooh, we're ploughing through now – after weeks of X Factor auditions, Bootcamp feels like a much more efficient process. Yesterday we watched a mostly chaotic selection of ensemble performances, and now we're whittling down the talent (or lack of ...and more »

X Factor's greatest YES! Favourite Sam Black stuns judges as he proposes to his girlfriend after a performance - Daily Mail

But for X Factor favourite Sam Black, it was his girlfriend, Emma Smith, who uttered the word that put a smile on his face after he astonished the judging panel by proposing to her following a performance. Plasterer Sam, 27, from the Isle of Man, left ...and more »

X Factor star Sam Black proposes to his girlfriend Emma after bootcamp arena auditions - The Sun

X Factor contestant Sam Black will be seen getting the most important "Yes" tonight when he proposes to his girlfriend Emma Smith live on stage. The Sun exclusively revealed that the wannabe singer made the grand gesture after his arena auditions ...and more »

Two X Factor 2017 contestants 'in bootcamp romance' - Telly Mix

Hayley Norton - of mum and daughter duo Descendance - is said to have got together with cheeky Russell Jones. In last Saturday night's show we saw the pair performing together having enjoyed a bit of a drink the night before. In the scenes, Russell ...and more »