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How to Play Overwatch's New Moon Map Right Now - Tom's Guide

Blizzard's hit team shooter Overwatch is getting a sweet new map based on the Moon, and you don't have to wait until its official release to try it out. [NOW PLAYABLE] Horizon Lunar Colony | New Assault Map | Overwatch. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute ...and more »

Overwatch has a new map, and you can play it right now - BGR

Overwatch, Blizzard's new hit multiplayer shooter, is turning one year old. As part of the ongoing anniversary celebrations, the developers are releasing a new map. It ties into the backstory of Winston, the genetically modified ape-scientist, and you ...and more »

'Overwatch' Lunar Map: New Horizon map has Easter Egg referencing the first human in space - Mic

Zarya has a new voice line on the Overwatch Public Test Realm (PTR) that's going to sound like nonsense to most people — but it's actually a clever Easter Egg that quotes Yuri Gagarin, a Russian astronaut who was the first human to travel to space. If ...and more »

'Overwatch' Is Going To The Moon In New Assault Map - Tech Times

Blizzard has been hard at work keeping Overwatch players busy with a steady stream of content. To that end, a new assault map has been unveiled in public test realm and it will send players to the moon. To The Moon. Public test realm is a controlled ...and more »

Cryptic 'Overwatch' Teaser Reveals Horizon Lunar Colony: New Map Or New Hero On The Way? - Tech Times

Overwatch is in the middle of its first Anniversary event, but that did not stop Blizzard from uploading a cryptic message that hints at upcoming new content for the massively popular multiplayer shooter. The question, however, is whether the message ...and more »

Overwatch's new map takes you to the moon - GQ India

Blizzard is giving its rebellious gamers who're tired of life on this planet a spectacular way out. The agency behind fantasy gaming's biggest name, Warcraft, is taking gamers to the moon with a new 'Lunar Colony' map. Take that Elon Musk. The teen ...and more »

Overwatch's New Moon Map Is Heaven For Snipers - Kotaku

Space is the place, and as of yesterday, a new Overwatch map. Overwatch released its Lunar Colony assault map onto its public test realm and it's certainly a new and uncharted frontier. It's a labyrinthine maze of hallways, barriers and side-rooms ...and more »

New Overwatch Map Launches Today On PTR, Is Set On The Moon - GameSpot

A new map is available today in Overwatch for some players. After teasing it on Monday, Blizzard today released the map Horizon Lunar Console on the game's public test realm for PC. An Assault map set in a scientific moonbase, Horizon Lunary Colony has ...and more »

Blizzard is Teasing New Overwatch Content, Including a Possible New Hero - The Escapist

Blizzard may be teasing the first look at a new Overwatch hero, and it might be a gorilla. The Overwatch anniversary event doesn't end until June 12, but that isn't stopping Blizzard from teasing what looks like new content for its multiplayer shooter ...and more »

You can interact with the telescope in Overwatch's Lunar Colony map, and every hero has something different to say - VG247

Kill time while you warm up in Overwatch's Lunar Colony map by interacting with the large telescope. Overwatch - NEW Horizon Voice Lines, Interactions and Telescope Easter Eggs! | Hammeh. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly ...and more »