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North Korea's Failed Missile Launch Eases Experts' Worst-Case Scenario Fears - WIRED

April 15, 2017, the North Korean government flaunts an increasingly sophisticated arsenal of intercontinental missiles and launches a midrange version, which fails seconds after takeoff. Wong Maye-E/AP. A tense weekend of brinksmanship between the ...and more »

Have North Korea's missile tests paid off? - BBC News

North Korea displayed a lot of missiles - including big ones - at a bombastic military parade over the weekend. But what do we really know about Pyongyang's missile capabilities? Defence expert Melissa Hanham explains. Kim Jong-un put on quite a show ...and more »

Is the United States Really Blowing Up North Korea's Missiles? - Foreign Policy (blog)

There's just no evidence to support the fantasy that Kim Jong Un's rockets are falling prey to a super-secret U.S. cyberprogram. By Jeffrey Lewis. | April 19, 2017, 5:46 PM. This April 15, 2017 picture released from North Korea's official Korean ...and more »

Hand of US Leaves North Korea's Missile Program Shaken - New York Times

WASHINGTON — When a North Korean missile test went awry on Sunday, blowing up seconds after liftoff, there were immediate suspicions that a United States program to sabotage the test flights had struck again. The odds seem highly likely: Eighty-eight ...and more »

TIME Exclusive: Will South Korean Presidential Hopeful Moon Jae-in Pull the World Back From Nuclear War? - TIME

On May 9 South Korea will elect a new President, as tensions with dysfunctional neighbor North Korea reach fever pitch. On April 16, Pyongyang attempted another weapons test in its quest to develop a nuclear-armed ballistic missile capable of hitting ...and more »

Details on the missile in failed North Korea test - CBS News

The missile that North Korea tested over the weekend is being called a KN-17 by U.S. intelligence, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports. It is a liquid-fueled, medium-range missile launched from a rocket stand, not a mobile ...and more »

The war in Syria has been great for North Korea - Quartz

The civil war in Syria, which began in 2011, has been a tragedy for millions of people, including refugees fleeing the violence and residents caught in the crossfire. But for North Korea's ruling elite, the conflict has in many ways been a good thing ...and more »

What We Know About North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal - Newsweek

North Korea soldiers North Korean soldiers march as they visit a newly constructed residential complex after its opening ceremony in Ryomyong street. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj. Share. World North Korea Missiles Pyongyang Kim Jong Un Parade Asia China United ...and more »

US May Not Be Able to Shoot Down North Korean Missiles, Say Experts -

Top generals have been insisting for years that if North Korea launched a missile at the United States, the U.S military would be able to shoot it down. But that is a highly questionable assertion, according to independent scientists and government ...and more »

North Korea: What we know and don't know about their nuclear program - Mic

The deputy United Nations ambassador from North Korea, Kim In Ryong, claims that the United States' actions toward the country have resulted in "a dangerous situation in which a thermonuclear war may break out at any moment." It's a huge accusation ...and more »