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The war in Syria has been great for North Korea - Quartz

The civil war in Syria, which began in 2011, has been a tragedy for millions of people, including refugees fleeing the violence and residents caught in the crossfire. But for North Korea's ruling elite, the conflict has in many ways been a good thing ...and more »

Hand of US Leaves North Korea's Missile Program Shaken - New York Times

WASHINGTON — When a North Korean missile test went awry on Sunday, blowing up seconds after liftoff, there were immediate suspicions that a United States program to sabotage the test flights had struck again. The odds seem highly likely: Eighty-eight ...and more »

Is the United States Really Blowing Up North Korea's Missiles? - Foreign Policy (blog)

This April 15, 2017 picture released from North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on April 16, 2017 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un waving to people after the military parade in Pyongyang marking the 105th anniversary of the ...and more »

North Korea's Failed Missile Launch Eases Experts' Worst-Case Scenario Fears - WIRED

A tense weekend of brinksmanship between the United States and North Korea culminated in a failed missile test from the reclusive dictatorship. And while the busted launch does highlight the country's long-term commitment to advancing its warfare ...and more »

Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong Un: A tale of two dictators - CNN

(CNN) Since taking office the Trump Administration has found itself in confrontation with two dictators: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and North Korea's Kim Jong Un. Though they rule vastly different countries on opposite sides of the world, their ...and more »

Details on the missile in failed North Korea test - CBS News

The missile that North Korea tested over the weekend is being called a KN-17 by U.S. intelligence, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports. It is a liquid-fueled, medium-range missile launched from a rocket stand, not a mobile ...and more »

What We Know About North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal - Newsweek

Updated | On April 16 two enormous intercontinental ballistic missiles rolled through the streets of Pyongyang as part of Kim Il Sung's birthday celebrations. Kim, the grandfather of current North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, has been dead since 1994 but ...and more »

US May Not Be Able to Shoot Down North Korean Missiles, Say Experts -

Top generals have been insisting for years that if North Korea launched a missile at the United States, the U.S military would be able to shoot it down. Recommended. Prosecutors in Michael Cohen case piecing together shredded documents from raid ...and more »

The Case For A Decapitating Strike Against North Korea's Kim - Forbes

Reuters reports that as part of a program celebrating what would have been the 105th birthday of the Kim dynasty's founder, North Korean television featured a video of nuclear missiles exploding over the United States. Correspondent Ju-min Park states ...and more »

Does North Korea Really Have State-Approved Hairstyles? - Yahoo News

As North Korea makes threats of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” against the United States while tensions continue to escalate between North Korea and an alarming number of nations, many are looking for clues as to the psyche of the country's leader ...and more »