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Takeaways from college basketball recruiting's wild few days in Las Vegas -

LAS VEGAS -- In basketball circles, what happened here in the summer of '17 will likely be talked about for years -- probably even a decade from now. Every summer recruiting period has its own flash of headlines, but usually those stories are contained ...and more »

LaVar Ball crossed the line and isn't worthy of our attention - ESPN

I have to confess something: I watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." I don't always watch it, but when I am flipping channels, I am drawn to it, much like I am drawn to watch a car crash on the highway as I pass by. I don't watch it for the ...and more »

LaVar Ball's misogyny is being enabled by Adidas - SB Nation

On Friday, LaVar Ball — star of the Big Baller Brand AAU team, technically speaking — launched himself back in the news by verbally abusing a female referee and tarnishing the sport. We can get more specific if you'd like. But really, under it all ...and more »

Adidas admits 'wrong decision' after female referee removed to appease LaVar Ball -

Three days removed from Adidas officials swapping a female referee off the court with another official during a game in the Adidas Summer Championships per LaVar Ball's demands, the company said 'it was the wrong decision' in a statement issued Monday ...and more »

Officiating group cutting ties with Adidas after replacement of female referee - ESPN

LAS VEGAS -- The group that supplied officials for the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships, in which LaVar Ball successfully petitioned for a female referee to be replaced after she gave him a technical foul on Friday, will terminate its five-year ...and more »

Adidas apologizes for actions after LaVar Ball's tantrum. But how did it happen in the first place? - For The Win

After LaVar Ball's misogynistic rant against a female official who he had removed from his teenage son's AAU game, two groups almost immediately spoke out: 1. The group that supplied the officials for the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships, Court ...and more »

Company that provides refs for events ends relationship with Adidas over LaVar Ball -

The organization that provided referees for the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships that took place in Las Vegas over the past five days is ending its relationship with the billion-dollar shoe company because of the way Adidas allowed LaVar Ball to ...and more »

Referee group cuts ties with Adidas after LaVar Ball incident with female ref - USA TODAY

Court Club Elite, the group that provides officials for the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships in Las Vegas, is terminating its five-year affiliation with the shoe company as a result of LaVar Ball's demands that a female referee -- an NCAA Division ...and more »

LaVar Ball's Understated Sexism - The Georgetown Voice

As recent 2nd overall NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball was getting ready to head off to UCLA for his freshman year of college, he and two his younger brothers, both UCLA commits, began to make waves as a family of basketball prodigies. Their father, LaVar ...and more »

Traina Thoughts: Jay Bilas And Kirk Herbstreit Have Had Enough Of LaVar Ball - Sports Illustrated

The best of the Internet, plus musings by writer, Jimmy Traina. 1. Nobody wants to talk about LaVar Ball, but everybody talks about LaVar Ball. The latest people to request that the media stop covering the blowhard are two of the top people from ...and more »