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Humans Today Have Even More Neanderthal DNA Than We Realized - Gizmodo

A international team of researchers has completed one of the most detailed analyses of a Neanderthal genome to date. Among the many new findings, the researchers learned that Neanderthals first mated with modern humans a surprisingly long time ago, and ...and more »

Neanderthal Genes Help Shape How Many Modern Humans Look - NPR

An employee of the Natural History Museum in London peeks at a model of a Neanderthal male in his 20s on display for a 2014 exhibition. Will Oliver /PA Images via Getty Images hide caption. toggle caption. Will Oliver /PA Images via Getty Images. An ...and more »

As much as 2.6% of your DNA is from Neanderthals. This is what it's doing - Los Angeles Times

Modern humans are a little more Neanderthal than we thought. A highly detailed genetic analysis of a Neanderthal woman who lived about 52,000 years ago suggests that our extinct evolutionary cousins still influence our risk of having a heart attack ...and more »

You May Be More 'Neanderthal' Than You Thought - Live Science

The genome of a female Neanderthal, whose bones were found in the Vindija Cave in Croatia (shown here), revealed our extinct relatives passed along genes that play roles in many diseases today. Credit: © MPI f. Evolutionary Anthropology/ J. Krause. A ...and more »

Neanderthal, Ancient Human Genomes Provide Insights on Human Traits, Social Structures - GenomeWeb

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Several new studies are offering a clearer look at the genetics of ancient humans and Neanderthals, along with Neanderthal contributions to non-disease features and behaviors in present-day human populations with a history of ...and more »

New Clues to How Neanderthal Genes Affect Your Health - National Geographic

A genome from a female found in Croatia shows how conditions from schizophrenia to arthritis are influenced by our ancient human cousins. Picture of a reconstruction of a neanderthal female. View Images. This reconstruction of a Neanderthal female ...and more »

Blame Neanderthal Genes for Your Bad Habits and Good Looks - Inverse

The revolution will not be televised. It'll be sent to your inbox by us. sign up. About 50,000 years ago, a group of early Homo sapiens traveled from Africa to Europe, encountered Neanderthals, and boned them. The consequences of this primordial coitus ...and more »

Neanderthal DNA may influence these human traits - CBS News

BERLIN — Some human traits that are linked to sunlight — including mood and sleep patterns — may be influenced by a person's Neanderthal forefathers, according to a study published Thursday. Researchers examined the genome of more than 100,000 ...and more »

Like Your Skin, Your Hair? Thank Your Neanderthal Ancestors - U.S. News & World Report

THURSDAY, Oct. 5, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Neanderthals are long gone, but bits of their genetic code help shape the bodies and minds of people today, researchers report. These ancient genes still appear to play a role in determining people's skin tone ...and more »

Neanderthals didn't give us red hair but they certainly changed the way we sleep - Phys.Org

Artist's reconstruction of a Neanderthal male, at the Neanderthal Museum, Germany. Credit: Stephan Sheer/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA. Geneticists have now firmly established that roughly two percent of the DNA of all living non-African people comes ...and more »