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'The Promise' Review: Christian Bale & Oscar Isaac In Powerful Epic Set Against One Of History's Darkest Moments - Deadline

Old-fashioned filmmaking to its core, The Promise is simply the kind of movie Hollywood is not interested in making anymore and, if you listen to predictions of impending box office doom, apparently the kind of movie audiences aren't craving to see ...and more »

'Sherlock Holmes of Armenian Genocide' Uncovers Lost Evidence - New York Times

For more than a century, Turkey has denied any role in organizing the killing of Armenians in what historians have long accepted as a genocide that started in 1915, as World War I spread across continents. The Turkish narrative of denial has hinged on ...and more »

Battle Over 2 Films Reflects Turkey's Quest to Control a Bitter History - New York Times

If history was any guide, the director Terry George figured there'd be weirdness around his new film, “The Promise,” about the Armenian genocide. Sure enough, he was right. One of the actors, Daniel Giménez Cacho, said he was contacted before filming ...and more »

'The Promise' Is an Epic Mixture of War, History and Romance - Observer

Set during the First World War and the decline of the Ottoman Empire, The Promise, an epic mixture of war, history and romance that catalogues the horrors of the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the savage Turks is not exactly what I'd call a sure-fire ...and more »

Movie review: Genocide and romance don't mix in misguided 'The Promise' -

Sometimes everything that's wrong with a movie can be summed up in one scene, even one frame. In “The Promise,” it's a moment when two lovers are passionately kissing for the first time, the faces aglow from a nearby fire. Only the fire isn't coming ...and more »

Review: 'The Promise' Finds a Love Triangle in Constantinople - New York Times

Weighed down by the worthiness of its intentions, “The Promise” is a big, barren wartime romance that approaches the Armenian genocide with too much calculation and not nearly enough heat. It can happen all too easily. An otherwise highly competent ...and more »

'The Promise' vs. 'The Ottoman Lieutenant': Two Movies Battle Over the Armenian Genocide - Hollywood Reporter

The filmmakers behind new historical epic 'The Promise,' starring Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale, charge that Turkish interests tried to counter their film by creating a competing movie. The two films — released just over a month apart — look ...and more »

Christian Bale & Oscar Isaac on the Horrors of Genocide in The Promise | EXCLUSIVE - MovieWeb

In 1915, at the onset of World War I, the Ottoman Turks went on a government sponsored campaign to remove ethnic Armenians from the country. This forced relocation and slaughter of 1.5 million people would eventually be called the Armenian Genocide.and more »

Christian Bale on 'The Promise', 'The Prestige', and Why He's Always on the Verge of Quitting -

With director Terry George's The Promise opening this weekend in theaters, I recently landed an exclusive interview with Christian Bale. During the wide-ranging conversation he talked about why he wanted to be involved in this project, how the movie ...and more »

'The Promise' review: Oscar Isaac fights for survival -

Never forget, goes the anguished cry, but this time the wrong people remembered. They were the German officers helping their Turkish allies during WWI. The Germans who stood there and watched as the Turks rounded up their nation's Armenian minority, ...and more »