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Why I waited two hours for an elusive 'Beauty and the Beast' cup - Los Angeles Times

Fans gather at the Red Rose Taverne at Fantasyland in Disneyland. (Todd Martens / Los Angeles Times). A hush fell over Fantasyland. It was noon on a bright Friday in Anaheim when a Disneyland employee — cast member, in park parlance — emerged to make ...and more »

Beauty and the Beast, Still a Cautionary Tale About the Smart Home - WIRED

The future of the Internet of Things is vast, but also terrible. For every internet-accessible security camera, there's a smart air freshener; for every virtual assistant, a gamified urinal. None of that should be a surprise, though, after Disney's ...and more »

Beauty and the Beast: Malaysia 'to show uncut version' - BBC News

Beauty and the Beast will be released in Malaysia without any cuts, Disney says, days after it rejected censors' demands for a gay scene to be removed. The blockbuster would be released on 30 March with a PG13 rating, Disney said. Two major cinema ...and more »

'Beauty and the Beast' Clobbers Record With $170 Million Opening - New York Times

LOS ANGELES — Belle just showed Batman who's boss. With Disney's promotional machinery running full tilt and the masses apparently caring little about the inclusion of a gay character, “Beauty and the Beast” arrived to an astounding $170 million in ...and more »

How Disney Subtly Made 'Beauty And The Beast' More Feminist - Huffington Post

The new film goes to great lengths to demonstrate Belle's agency in every part of the story. By Emma Gray. Disney. A tale of two Belles: 1991 and 2017. For women who grew up in the late '80s and early '90s, few characters loom larger than Belle from ...and more »

Behind Disney's struggle to bring the teapot from “Beauty and the Beast” to life - Quartz

In movies, they can bring dinosaurs and superheroes to life. They can resurrect deceased legends, de-age Princess Leia, or turn Brad Pitt into a centenarian man-baby. Yet, it seems a porcelain teapot nearly stumped these special-effects wizards. Disney ...and more »

Beauty and the Beast: Malaysian film censors back down in 'gay moment' row - The Guardian

Beauty and the Beast will be screened in Malaysia without cuts, although censors have given the film a 13-plus age rating due to the film containing a “gay moment”. The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia had previously said the Disney movie would only ...and more »

Malaysia to Release 'Beauty and the Beast' Without Cutting 'Gay Moment' -

KUALA LUMPUR — Walt Disney blockbuster "Beauty and the Beast" will be released in Malaysia this month without any cuts, the company said on Tuesday, after censors had earlier asked for the removal of a "gay moment" in the movie. Malaysia's censor ...and more »

Sean Bailey On How Disney's Live-Action Division Found Its 'Beauty And The Beast' Mojo - Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Even when you run Disney's most tenured moviemaking division, it is easy to feel overshadowed when you are a silo alongside Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Animation Studios. But this past weekend marked a watermark moment for Sean ...and more »

'Beauty and the Beast' Delivers a Record-Setting $170 Million Opening - Box Office Mojo

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast has delivered a film the size of a summer blockbuster in the month of March, debuting with not only a record-setting March opening weekend, but the seventh largest domestic opening of all-time as ...and more »