One Power Ranger is LGBTQ and another is autistic in the upcoming movie - Sacramento Bee

Following hot on the heels of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sesame Street,” the upcoming “Power Rangers” film is set to make some significant changes to its characters' backstories. According to media reports, Trini, the Yellow Ranger, will be coming to ...and more »

The New Power Rangers Film Features the First Queer Ranger - Glamour

Apparently, 2017 is the year your '90s favorites receive woke-as-hell makeovers. First, we had the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, which featured Disney's first gay character (LeFou) and interracial kiss (actually, there were two of those).and more »

The New 'Power Rangers' Is An Extremely Bizarre Movie - UPROXX

In the first scene of Power Rangers, we watch Bryan Cranston as Zordon, in full alien makeup, crawling through some sort of hellscape as a world disintegrates around him. Elizabeth Banks then shows up as the evil Rita Repulsa. The two trade some ...and more »

Elizabeth Banks Can't Confirm Return as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers 2 - CBR (blog)

With the “Power Rangers” reboot set to debut in a matter of days, lifelong fans are not only going to get a dose of the new morphin' fighters, but the newest incarnation of classic baddie Rita Repulsa, as well. It's been confirmed for some time now ...and more »

The Power Rangers Movie Doesn't Actually Want to Be a Power Rangers Movie - Gizmodo

The final act of Power Rangers is everything you could want from a Power Rangers movie. It's fun, funny, action-packed, and filled with so many Zords and monsters that you'll actually feel like you're watching a big-budget update of the popular kids ...and more »

'Power Rangers' movie features ranger questioning sexuality - Washington Times

Director Dean Israelite said Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan, played by Becky Gomez, struggles in the film with what she assumes are “boyfriend problems,” before realizing they could be “girlfriend problems” instead. “For Trini, really she's questioning a lot ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Review: A Makeover, an Endless Origin Story — and Still Not Much Personality - Yahoo Movies (blog)

After 90 minutes of hip and hollow teen banter, woefully generic origin story, and molehill-posing-as-mountain-size triumph (our heroes spend half the film learning how to morph, when all that comes down to is getting their color-coordinated chintzy ...and more »

The Power Rangers Introduces Its First Gay Character - E! Online

Somehow it's 2017 and the film marks the first-ever superhero movie to feature a gay protagonist character. Though small, the scene in which the character—Trini, the Yellow Power Ranger played by Becky G—is pivotal for the film as we watch her come ...and more »

Don't have a Netflix account? Here's how you can stream for free. - Mic

The first week of April will be very chill for many TV fans who have not yet been inducted into the Netflix community. As part of the Xfinity Watchathon Week, customers of Xfinity X1 cable service will be offered unlimited access to Netflix's entire ...and more »

Power Rangers to Bring Us the First Openly Gay Movie Superhero - Paste Magazine

Believe it or not, Friday's new Power Rangers reboot will feature the first-ever on-screen gay superhero. The film's yellow ranger, Trini (played by YouTube star Becky G), apparently makes it explicit in one scene that she is in fact not having ...and more »