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'Power Rangers' review: Misfit teens in cheesy version of '90s TV show - Newsday

Partway through “Saban's Power Rangers,” the latest feature-film version of the long-running television series, a bit of marketing-speak sneaks into the script. The story, such as it is, consists of five ethnically diverse teenagers in a California ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Breaks Ground With First Queer Big-Screen Superhero - Hollywood Reporter

[Warning: This story contains minor spoilers for the Power Rangers movie.] Power Rangers is breaking down a barrier no superhero movie has before. The Lionsgate reboot of the '90s children's TV show is the first big-budget superhero movie to feature an ...and more »

Here's how 'Power Rangers' costumes have evolved in the past 25 years - INSIDER

"Power Rangers" has been on television for a quarter of a century. But at the beginning, it was far from an assured hit. Haim Saban spent eight years shopping the idea around about a group of teens who get superpowers from a mighty wizard to battle ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Review: A Surprisingly Fun Superhero Reboot - ScreenCrush

The joy of the Power Rangers TV series was the camp factor. It was pure fun to watch teenagers jump around in spandex suits, fly giant robots, and fight ridiculous monsters (one was called Mr. Ticklesneezer, another was, I kid you not, Chunky Chicken ...and more »

The Director of Power Rangers Stands Behind His Bold Choices for the Movie - Gizmodo

Power Rangers is the movie director Dean Israelite wanted to make. Whether you love the finished product or hate it, the director had a vision and he stuck to it. And when io9 asked him about his reasons for going certain directions with the movie ...and more »

Film Review: 'Power Rangers' - Variety

After 90 minutes of hip and hollow teen banter, woefully generic origin story, and molehill-posing-as-mountain-size triumph (our heroes spend half the film learning how to morph, when all that comes down to is getting their color-coordinated chintzy ...and more »

I Have Conflicting Feelings on Power Rangers and the First Big-Screen LGBT Superhero - Gizmodo

In addition to the release of reviews for the Power Rangers movie this week, it's also been revealed that the film has become the first mainstream superhero movie to feature a main character who happens to be LGBTQ. It's a big step for superhero cinema ...and more »

Cheesy action, donuts fuel sugar high of 'Saban's Power Rangers' - Chicago Sun-Times

Zordon, Zords, Megazord, Goldar and Repulsa. No, a cat just didn't walk across the back and forth on the keyboard. For fans of the supremely campy 1990s TV phenomenon “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” these are very powerful proper nouns — ones that ...and more »

'Power Rangers' breaks down barriers with autistic, LGBT characters - ABC News

When the new "Power Rangers" movie hits theaters later this week, fans will get to see a different team from the one they knew growing up. The film, directed by Dean Israelite, offers a fresh take on the five friends who gain special powers and ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Producer: 'We Already Have a Six-Movie Arc' - Variety

Haim Saban doesn't do anything in a small way. Even as he readies “Power Rangers” for its introduction to a young generation by re-introducing the characters in a new origin-story movie, he's got a roadmap for their cinematic future. “We already have a ...and more »