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Charlie Hebdo's Latest Cover Shouts: 'God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas' - Newsweek

Charlie Hebdo's latest cover embraces the French satirical weekly's reputation as a provocative, controversial voice. Its August 30 issue shouts, “God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas,” referencing the devastation caused by Hurricane ...and more »

Charlie Hebdo Publishes Cover Claiming God Sent Hurricane Harvey to Kill Neo-Nazis - Observer

Charlie Hebdo is the most provocative, controversial voice in French media. But it may have finally gone too far with its latest cover. The cover of this week's magazine features the headline “God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas.and more »

Charlie Hebdo cover suggests Hurricane Harvey victims are neo-Nazis - Washington Post

The French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo relishes controversy, often seeming to invite offense with its provocative cover art. One 2010 cover illustration showed a Muslim woman running naked, a burqa stuffed up her backside. “Wear the burqa,” the ...and more »

Charlie Hebdo cover portraying Harvey victims as neo-Nazis shocks Twitter: 'Evil' - AOL

The most recent cover of French magazine Charlie Hebdo mocks victims of Hurricane Harvey with art of neo-Nazis drowning and text that translates to, “God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas.” The cover features an image of swastika flags and ...and more »

People are outraged over a Charlie Hebdo cover characterizing Hurricane Harvey victims as neo-Nazis - Business Insider

A French satirical magazine famous for its provocative and inflammatory cartoons was met with backlash on Thursday after it released a cover that characterized Hurricane Harvey victims as neo-Nazis. The cover for its Friday magazine showed an image of ...and more »

Hurricane Harvey victims portrayed as neo-Nazis on Charlie Hebdo cover - The Jerusalem Post

The French satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo depicted the victims of Texas' Hurricane Harvey as neo-Nazis on the cover of their weekly magazine on Tuesday, with the text "God exists, He drowned the neo-Nazis of Texas." app-facebook. Charlie Hebdo.and more »

French Weekly Charlie Hebdo Laughs at Deadly American Hurricane - Morocco World News

Rabat – “God Exists! He drowned all the Neo-Nazis of Texas!” That is the title French magazine Charlie Hebdo chose for its latest cover, amid the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey that flooded the southern state and killed at least 35 people, displacing ...and more »

'Charlie Hebdo's Hurricane Harvey Cover Paints Texans As Nazis & People Are Outraged - Bustle

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is not new to controversy. The publication frequently pokes fun at current events, and when those events are tragic, its writers and cartoonists toe the line between commentary and distasteful ridicule. This week ...and more »

Twitter Burns Joe Walsh For Claiming Charlie Hebdo Never Attacks Muslims - HuffPost

After the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo came out with an inflammatory cover suggesting the victims of the Houston floods were Nazi sympathizers, one right-wing talk show host came out guns-a-blazing. Turns out, he was the one shot down. Charlie ...and more »

'God Exists!' Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Depicts Harvey Victims as Drowning Neo-Nazis - Mediaite

Charlie Hebdo is turning a few heads again, this time for their cartoon about the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey. The latest issue of the satirical — and very often controversial — French magazine has a cover where submerged Texans are sticking ...and more »