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Kellyanne Conway would like to question the media's patriotism — because Mika Brzezinski questioned President ... - Washington Post

It hasn't gotten a ton of attention yet, but Kellyanne Conway may have offered the White House's most controversial and dangerous statement of the week on Friday — up to and including President Trump's tweets about MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. While ...and more »

Conway: Media coverage of Trump 'neither productive nor patriotic' - Politico

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Friday that she supports President Donald Trump's use of social media to attack his opponents, especially when so much of the media coverage of him is “neither productive nor patriotic.” The president ...and more »

Alternative Fact of the Week: No cuts to Medicaid - Baltimore Sun

We are delighted to welcome to our Alternative Fact of the Week feature its godmother, President Donald Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, who coined the term in the very first week of his administration. What's so special about her appearance is ...and more »

Kellyanne Conway says the media's 'sexism' is worse than Trump's 'sexism' -

Kellyanne Conway says the media's 'sexism' is worse than Trump's 'sexism' White House adviser Kellyanne Conway defends President Donald Trump's decision to use Twitter to speak to the American public. "Bottom line, I endorse his ability to connect on ...and more »

EXCLUSIVE: Kellyanne Conway Blasts CNN's Anti-Trump Culture - The Daily Caller

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway blasted CNN's anti-Trump office culture on Friday and dismissed the idea that Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski is a victim of sexism, calling that idea “really rich just for any woman who works here” because of ...and more »

Conway: CNN producer who called Trump 'crazy' was 'just joining in on the fun' - The Hill

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said that a CNN producer caught on tape disparaging President Trump was “just joining in on the fun," saying that the media culture is too critical of President Trump. Conway's remarks came after a CNN producer ...and more »

Kellyanne Conway Totally Flubs Her Endorsement Of Trump's Tweets - The Ring of Fire Network

During an interview on Good Morning America, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway said that the media is inventing a false “sexist” narrative against Donald Trump and they are ignoring the fact that his tax plan does so much to help women. I guess it ...and more »

Kellyanne Conway Declines to Endorse Trump's 'Morning Joe' Twitter Attacks (Video) - TheWrap

“The president normally does not draw first blood. He is a counter-puncher,” she tells “Good Morning America”. Brian Flood | Last Updated: June 30, 2017 @ 6:07 AM. Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway won't say whether she endorses Trump's Twitter ...and more »

Kellyanne Conway to TV hosts: 'Stop the personal invective' - Washington Examiner

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Friday she supports President Trump's right to defend himself from being "mercilessly attacked" every day on cable news shows, and called on TV hosts to show more respect to Trump. On ABC Friday morning, Conway ...and more »

Trump won't leave health care reform to Senate, Kellyanne Conway says - Fox Business

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, on the GOP health care bill and whether the Senate will pass Trump's immigration policies. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, explained why she is “optimistic” that a health care bill ...and more »