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Republicans struggle with plan to stop companies from leaving the US - Washington Examiner

One key question looming over the Republican tax proposal is how it will keep companies from fleeing the U.S., the same problem that has pressured Republicans and Democrats to seek action and that President Trump has frequently pledged to fix. The ...and more »

GOP Establishment Attacks… Itself? - U.S. News & World Report

GOP in-fighting is moving from the outsiders vs. the insiders to the establishment vs. itself. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images). U.S. President Donald Trump walks from the Residence to the West Wing of the White House on Jan. 26, 2017. GOP ...and more »

House passes $1.1 trillion budget to advance tax reform - Washington Examiner

The Republican-led House passed a $1.1 trillion 2018 budget plan on Thursday that will pave the way for tax reform, the party's top legislative goal. The GOP budget, dubbed the "Building a Better America Plan," passed in a 219-206 vote Thursday after ...and more »

For Republican Leaders in Congress, the Headaches Keep Mounting - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Republican leaders in Congress are under attack from all sides of their own party, battered by voters from the right and left, spurned by frustrated donors and even threatened by the Trump White House for ineffective leadership and ...and more »

Trump's massive tax plan is already hitting some big roadblocks - Markets Insider

Donald Trump Getty Images/Pool The GOP's framework for tax legislation is already getting pushback from within the party. Republicans in Democratic states are worried about eliminating the state and local deduction. Budget hawks are worried about ...and more »

How GOP budget plans could help the Republican push for tax reform - PBS NewsHour

Senator Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee, warned that while he's supporting deficit-financed tax cuts for now as a way to deal with arcane Senate rules, he won't vote for the subsequent tax legislation if it blows a hole in the deficit. Photo by ...and more »

Angry GOP donors close their wallets - Politico

Republicans are confronting a growing revolt from their top donors, who are cutting off the party in protest over its inability to get anything done. Tensions reached a boiling point at a recent dinner at the home of Los Angeles billionaire Robert Day ...and more »

Roy Moore's disruption of Washington has already begun, and more is on the way - Washington Post

Roy Moore didn't travel to Washington on Wednesday to kiss and make up with the Republican leaders who opposed his nomination to fill the Senate seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He came to continue the revolt. Moore didn't meet ...and more »

Bill to Rescue Children's Health Program Hits Snag in House - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Legislation to rescue the Children's Health Insurance Program sailed through a Senate committee on Wednesday, but touched off a partisan conflict in the House, diminishing hopes that the popular program would be quickly refinanced ...and more »

House and Senate GOP budget writers push ahead with no final deal in sight - Politico

Republicans begin Wednesday their weekslong march toward a final agreement that GOP leaders so desperately seek to grease the legislative wheels for tax reform. The House is launching debate on its fiscal 2018 budget resolution on the floor Wednesday ...and more »