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Trump's endorsement of violence reaches new level: He may pay legal fees for assault suspect - Los Angeles Times

When Donald Trump said Sunday that he might pay the legal fees of a man charged with hitting a protester in the face at one of his rallies, it was the latest of many occasions when the leading Republican candidate for president appeared to condone or ...and more »

NC sheriff's office won't file 'inciting a riot' charge against Trump - Washington Post

Republican front-runner Donald Trump will not face charges of inciting a riot after a raucous rally in North Carolina last week, the investigating sheriff's office announced in a news release Monday night. After reviewing evidence from the rally in ...and more »

How Donald Trump Could Go to Jail for Inciting a Riot - Daily Beast

The candidate is getting close to breaking state laws, and even a federal one, for encouraging supporters to commit a violent crime. But that in and of itself is not enough to land him behind bars. Here's what it would take. Michael Daly. 03.15.16 12 ...and more »

'Temperature' at Trump Rallies -

Asked if he would consider lowering the temperature at his rallies when protests erupt, Donald Trump said, “I think, in many cases, I do lower the temperature.” But in many cases he has not. Quite the opposite. A review of his speeches shows Trump ...and more »

Donald Trump Says He May Pay Legal Fees of Accused Attacker From Rally - New York Times

Donald J. Trump waited as a protester was removed during a rally in Fayetteville, N.C., last week.Credit Travis Dove for The New York Times. Donald J. Trump said on Sunday that he would look into paying the legal fees of a man who was accused of sucker ...and more »

Trump 'looking into' paying legal fees for man charged with assault at rally - Washington Post

Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Sunday that he has told his staff to "look into" paying legal fees for a man who allegedly sucker-punched a protester at a recent rally, standing behind his controversial promise to help defend supporters who ...and more »

Donald Trump would join a Motley Crue member if he were charged with inciting a riot in NC - Washington Post

In the annals of North Carolina history, public officials have charged individuals with "inciting a riot" after prison melees, attacks on civil rights protesters, Ku Klux Klan gatherings, a teen party gone wild and a social media posting trying to ...and more »

Why Trump's Violent Rhetoric Is Protected Speech - PBS

Last month, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump mused aloud about his feelings toward a heckler in Nevada: “He's walking out like big high-fives, smiling, laughing. I'd like to punch him in the face,” he said to a roar of approval from ...and more »

How Anti-Trump Protest Organizers Are Bracing For Racism, Violence In New Grassroots Civil Rights Movement - International Business Times

Atrump77 An anti-Trump protester holds a sign in front of mounted police outside a rally for the Republican presidential candidate in Cleveland, March 12, 2016. Photo: Rebecca Cook/Reuters. It was nighttime when a small group of young activists in ...and more »

TRUMP: I'll consider paying legal fees for the man who allegedly threw a sucker punch at one of my rallies - Business Insider

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he is "going to take a look at" paying the legal fees of an apparent supporter who allegedly punched a protester at one of Trump's rallies last week. During a Sunday interview on "Meet The Press," the ...and more »