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American Airlines says 'passed gas' did not cause flight evacuation - USA TODAY

Corrections & Clarifications: An earlier version of this story, based on other media reports, misstated American Airlines' response to the odor. Passengers were routinely deplaned. American Airlines officials say reports that a flight was evacuated ...and more »

Flatulence forces passengers from jet, airline refutes claim -

RALEIGH, NC (MEREDITH) -- A passenger "passed gas", forcing everyone from a plane at Raleigh-Durham International Airport Sunday afternoon, according to WNCN-TV. Passengers suffered nausea and headaches throughout the ordeal; a few people became ill ...and more »

'Odor described as flatulence' affects crew members from Charlotte flight - WBTV

Three American Airlines crew members from a flight to RDU complained of eye irritation and headaches from an odor described as flatulence, airport officials said. At 3:34 p.m., a regularly scheduled American flight from Charlotte arrived at Raleigh ...and more »

American Airlines: Passing Gas Did Not Lead to Plane Evacuation - Travel+Leisure

Feel free to relax and pass that gas. Just, you know, be polite about it. Over the weekend, reports circulated about an American Airlines flight that landed in Raleigh, North Carolina after a man's “rectal turbulence,” so to speak, made passengers so ...and more »

American Airlines: No, Passenger's Farts Didn't Make Entire Plane Sick - Consumerist

It made an irresistable weekend news story: The passengers on an American Airlines flight became sick and had to leave the plane because of the overpowering flatulence of one person on the flight. American now says that isn't true, but the story made ...and more »

No, A Passenger's Epic Fart Did Not Force a Plane to Evacuate Yesterday - Avgeekery (blog)

American Airlines is denying a passenger's supposed fart of epic proportions as the cause for deplaning the aircraft at Raleigh Durham International Airport yesterday afternoon. In a bizarre story which originally appeared on local WNCN-TV that has ...and more »

American Airlines says farting passenger did not cause flight to be evacuated - New York Daily News

American Airlines is denying one of its foul-smelling planes had to be evacuated because of a gassy passenger. Several people on Flight 1927 from Charlotte to Raleigh complained Sunday of experiencing "headaches and nausea" because of a nasty odor ...and more »

1 Wake leader opposes earlier Sunday alcohol sales. So hold off on that mimosa at RDU. - News & Observer

People who want to buy alcohol before noon on Sunday at Raleigh-Durham International Airport or other parts of rural Wake County are out of luck, at least for the next few weeks. The Wake County Board of Commissioners on Monday voted 6-1 in favor of ...and more »

No, a fart didn't cause an American Airlines flight to evacuate all its passengers - AOL

In today's "Not The Onion" news, an American Airlines flight supposedly had to evacuate all its passengers after a person "passed gas," causing violent episodes of nausea and headaches. Except that this isn't true. SEE ALSO: Sorry everyone, but that ...and more »

Did 'passing gas' cause illness on Raleigh flight? Airline says no. - Charlotte Observer

A story reported around the world of a man's powerful flatulence prompting the evacuation of a Charlotte flight to Raleigh is apparently full of hot air. Media outlets from the United Kingdom to India were reporting Sunday that an American Airlines ...and more »