Police tail chihuahua on San Francisco bridge - CBS News

April 4, 2016, 7:30 AM | A chihuahua is in custody after a chase on the Bay Bridge heading into San Francisco. The California Highway Patrol tweeted a video of Sunday morning's pursuit. Officers are searching for the owner of the dog they collared. But ...and more »

Chihuahua With Chutzpah: Dog Leads Police On Chase Across San Francisco Bridge - NPR

For a brief span Sunday, the "C" in CHP stood for Chihuahua. That's because a black dog led what police describe as a high-speed pursuit over the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, before being placed in official custody. The dog's only ...and more »

CHP pursues Chihuahua on Bay Bridge then gives him a fitting name - Los Angeles Times

The little black dog had made it onto the Bay Bridge and was heading toward San Francisco early Sunday. Then the California Highway Patrol caught wind of a pup on the run. Soon, the cops were on his tail. About 7 a.m., Officer Vu Williams and his ...and more »

Small dog captured after CHP chase on Bay Bridge - SFGate

California Highway Patrol officers are searching for the owners of a small black Chihuahua that was caught running along westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge on Sunday morning. The dog was unharmed after being followed by a motorcycle officer for a short ...and more »

All My Love to This Bold Chihuahua, in Custody Following a High-Speed Police Chase - Jezebel

A male chihuahua with absolutely no time for anybody else's bullshit led the California Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase across San Francisco's Bay Bridge early Sunday morning, NBC Los Angeles reports. Advertisement. Here is a video of a uniformed ...and more »

Watch Cops Chase a Chihuahua Across the Bay Bridge - TIME

San Francisco-area authorities hounded a chihuahua that decided to hightail it over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge early Sunday morning. The black dog that strayed into the upper lanes was captured after California Highway Patrol officer G.and more »

Bad Dog! Chihuahua Sped Off After Seeing the Police, Leading to a 'High Speed' Pursuit - Nature World News

Missing a chihuahua? Ponch the chihuahua gave police officers a chase on Monday on the Bay Bridge, but he's safe and sound now. (Photo : CHP San Franciso/ Twitter [https://twitter.com/chpsanfrancisco]). The Bay Bridge in San Francisco was briefly ...and more »

Update: Chihuahua chased by CHP on Bay Bridge remains at San Francisco shelter - San Jose Mercury News

SAN FRANCISCO — A black Chihuahua who got loose on the Bay Bridge early Sunday morning remained under the care of an animal control facility Monday, while officials hoped for an owner to come forward. Workers at the San Francisco Animal Care and ...and more »

Chihuahua leads police on high-speed chase through San Francisco - Telegraph.co.uk

A tiny chihuahua lead police in San Francisco on quite a chase on Sunday afternoon. They saw the creature running past traffic across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge. Police chased down the pooch on motorcycles before catching him. Chihuahua ...and more »

Chihuahua chased by police over major San Francisco bridge - The Independent

A Chihuahua is in animal custody after leading police on a chase across a major San Francisco bridge. The runaway dog can be seen scampering across the five lane Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge as a police officer slowly monitors the pooch's progress ...and more »