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Ed Skrein Proved Actors Can Resist Whitewashing, Too - TIME

Performers usually win plaudits for their performances. But I'm applauding one actor for not turning up. The British actor and rapper Ed Skrein was slated to play Major Ben Daimio in the Hellboy movie reboot, a character of Japanese heritage in the ...and more »

Ed Skrein Leaving Hellboy Proves How Easily Hollywood Could Stop Whitewashing - WIRED

Ed Skrein is not an A-lister. He's a good actor who showed up in Deadpool and starred in Transporter Refueled, but he's not a certified star. But now that he's quit the Hellboy reboot, his is a name Hollywood likely won't forget for a while. Yesterday ...and more »

Ed Skrein Leaving 'Hellboy' to Avoid Whitewashing Was the Right Thing to Do - SELF

The entertainment industry is not an equal playing field. Actors of color are systemically underpaid—and that's when they even get roles in the first place. In recent years, Asian American and Pacific Islander actors have faced an onslaught of ...and more »

By Turning Down 'Hellboy,' Ed Skrein Shows Us How It's Done - Backstage

In an unprecedented move, actor Ed Skrein has withdrawn from a major film due to his character's whitewashing. Skrein, a white, British-born actor of Austrian-Jewish descent, was slated to play Ben Daimio in the upcoming “Hellboy” film reboot, a ...and more »

Will Hollywood Learn a Lesson About Whitewashing? - The Atlantic

Like ​The Atlantic? Subscribe to ​The Atlantic Daily​, our free weekday email newsletter. Last week's announcement that the actor Ed Skrein had been cast as the supporting character Ben Daimio in an upcoming reboot of the film series Hellboy was, in ...and more »

Is 'Hellboy' Whitewashing Proof of Hollywood 'Genocide Through Script Revisions'? - TheWrap

Ed Skrein announced this week that he is dropping out of the upcoming “Hellboy” remake following backlash over a white performer playing a character who is Asian in the comic books. The on-the-rise actor's exit statement called for increased ...and more »

Ed Skrein leaving Hellboy is 'a wake-up call,' Hollywood casting directors say -

Ed Skrein had been on deck to be the next actor to play a “whitewashed” Asian character, but on Monday, less than a week after he joined the Hellboy reboot as Major Ben Daimio, a half-Japanese character in the comics, Skrein chose to leave the project ...and more »

Hollywood Casting Directors: Ed Skrein Dropping Out of Hellboy A "Wake-Up Call" - Paste Magazine

When Ed Skrein was first cast in Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, it felt like yet another entry in a long, disheartening series of casting choices by Hollywood that whitewashed Asian characters and gave the roles to white actors. Scarlett Johansson ...and more »

Ed Skrein's gesture was laudable, but will do little for actors of colour - iNews

Actor Ed Skrein has turned down a role after a 'whitewashing' controversy. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images). Anamik Saha 5 months Thursday August 31st 2017. Actor Ed Skrein's decision to step down from the upcoming Hellboy movie following a ...and more »

Reactions to Ed Skrein quitting Hellboy role over 'whitewashing' claim, and how his response compares to other actors' - South China Morning Post

Ed Skrein responded to the backlash against his casting in the movie Hellboy by relinquishing the role, saying: “ I must do what I feel is right.” A week ago the 34-year-old British actor tweeted that he would be playing Major Ben Daimio, a character ...and more »