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North Korea's missile tests: What you need to know - CNN

(CNN) 2017 has been a year of rapid progress for North Korea's missile program. The country has fired 23 missiles during 16 tests since February, further perfecting its technology with each launch. Its most recent -- during the early hours of November ...and more »

Exclusive: Kim's rocket stars - The trio behind North Korea's missile program - Reuters

SEOUL (Reuters) - After successful missile launches, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un often exchanges smiles and hugs with the same three men and shares a celebratory smoke with them. The three, shown with Kim in photographs and TV footage in North ...and more »

Missile Defense Can't Save Us From North Korea - War on the Rocks

There is no more urgent threat to the global nuclear nonproliferation order than North Korea's accelerating and unconstrained nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Pyongyang is estimated to possess enough nuclear explosive material for at least 10 ...and more »

North Korean Tests Add Urgency for US to Fix Defense Flaws - New York Times

WASHINGTON — As the Pentagon prepares to conduct its first test in three years of the multibillion-dollar effort to intercept a North Korean warhead, it hopes to demonstrate that it has fixed a system that has worked in fewer than half of its previous ...and more »

Transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis on "Face the Nation," May 28, 2017 - CBS News

Last Updated May 28, 2017 3:16 PM EDT. President Donald Trump has stepped onto the international stage with his first trip abroad as president. Following a deadly bombing on Monday in Manchester, much of the trip's focus turned to the global terrorist ...and more »

North Korea stages 3rd missile test in 3 weeks - CNN

(CNN) North Korea launched a ballistic missile test Monday, its third in less than three weeks. The short-range ballistic missile traveled an estimated 248 miles, splashing down within Japan's exclusive economic zone, an area of sea where commercial ...and more »

Christian School Teaches Scions of the Elite in Atheist North Korea - New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — Set on 250 sprawling acres in North Korea's capital, the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology abides by the cult of the Kim family. Atop its main building, large red characters praise “General Kim Jong-un,” the country's ...and more »

US pressure not slowing down N. Korea missile tests - CBS News

Last Updated May 29, 2017 8:38 AM EDT. North Korea fired yet another ballistic missile overnight, part of an escalating series of tests. The newest missile was launched from the country's east coast, flying about 280 miles before landing in the sea off ...and more »

North Korea Fires Missile That Lands in Sea Between Korea and Japan - New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea launched a ballistic missile on Monday that flew 280 miles and appears to have landed inside Japan's economic zone where fishing and cargo ships are active, the South Korean military and the Japanese government said ...and more »

War with North Korea would be "catastrophic," Defense Secretary Mattis says - CBS News

Last Updated May 28, 2017 11:56 AM EDT. U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis says that war with North Korea -- should tensions ever come to that -- would be "catastrophic." "A conflict in North Korea, John, would be probably the worst kind of ...and more »