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Fore! Giant gator strolls across Florida golf course - KTVQ Billings News

Alligators living on or around Florida golf courses is nothing new, but one gator has gone viral after it was caught on camera ambling through a golf course. Charles Helms was with a friend at Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto when he spotted what ...and more »

Massive alligator spotted roaming Florida golf course. Is it real? - PolitiFact (blog)

If you've seen the viral video of a giant alligator strolling across a Florida golf course, then you've probably had the same reaction we did: Can that be real? The video, originally posted by Charles Helms on his Facebook page Wednesday, May 25, shows ...and more »

Giant Alligator Found on Florida Golf Course - Daily Beast

In a scene that could be ripped straight from a Jurassic Park movie, a damn-near dinosaur-sized alligator was spotted strolling the greens of a Florida golf course. Charlie Helms, who filmed the enormous beast ambling near the third hole of Buffalo ...and more »

Giant Alligator Spotted on Florida Golf Course -

A video shows a giant alligator walking across a Florida golf course. See Example( s ). EXAMPLES. Collected via e-mail, May 2016. This article reports what appears to be a gigantic alligator on a golf course in Florida. This being Florida, I can see ...and more »

That Giant Alligator Has Got To Be Fake, Right? - Tech Times

Florida golf courses and alligators go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's not exactly a rare occurrence to see one of the large reptiles waddling across the fairway. That being said, a recent video of an alligator casually strolling across the ...and more »

Giant alligator crosses Florida golf course – video - The Guardian

A 15-foot alligator has been filmed walking across the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida. Onlooker Charles Helms was playing a round of golf with his friend when he says he filmed the alligator on the green. The video was then posted on's ...and more »

Yes, This Giant Alligator Crossing A Florida Golf Course Is Real - Forbes

The Internet is having an understandably difficult time deciding if the video of an alleged sixteen-foot alligator casually strolling across the Buffalo Creek Golf Course outside of St. Petersburg, Florida is real or some sort of CGI hoax. The footage ...and more »

Look at This Giant Fucking Gator - Gizmodo

Golf hazards like sand bunkers and lakes might ruin your day—but one hazard at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida could end your life. A monstrous, dinosaur-sized alligator has been filmed strolling across Buffalo Creek golf course during ...and more »

Florida golfers were interrupted by an enormous alligator wandering onto the course - Business Insider

Alligators wandering onto golf courses is not a new phenomenon, but one particular alligator in Palmetto, Florida, may take the cake for creating the biggest reptilian spectacle on a course in recent memory. Last week, a Florida golfer named Charles ...and more »

Giant alligator stalks Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida - ABC Online

Golfers "thought they were being punked" when a giant alligator took a stroll near the third hole of a Florida golf course. Footage shared by and credited to golfer Charles Helm, shows the creature moving slowly across the Buffalo Creek Golf ...and more »