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Fore! Giant gator strolls across Florida golf course - KTVQ Billings News

Alligators living on or around Florida golf courses is nothing new, but one gator has gone viral after it was caught on camera ambling through a golf course. Charles Helms was with a friend at Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto when he spotted what ...and more »

Watch: Giant Alligator Roams Golf Course in Florida -

Spotted crossing the fairway at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida, this massive gator surprised a group out for an afternoon round. Charles Helms, 56, was on the third hole when he saw the beast and said there was stunned silence between the golfers ...and more »

Giant alligator crosses Florida golf course – video - The Guardian

A 15-foot alligator has been filmed walking across the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida. Onlooker Charles Helms was playing a round of golf with his friend when he says he filmed the alligator on the green. The video was then posted on's ...and more »

Giant Alligator Found on Florida Golf Course - Daily Beast

Golfer who shot video thought it was big enough to possibly be “two guys in an alligator suit.” Peter Slattery. 05.31.16 3:35 PM ET. via Youtube. In a scene that could be ripped straight from a Jurassic Park movie, a damn-near dinosaur-sized alligator ...and more »

Massive alligator spotted roaming Florida golf course. Is it real? - PolitiFact (blog)

The video, originally posted by Charles Helms on his Facebook page Wednesday, May 25, shows a large alligator meandering across the fairway at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto. The alligator is so big (some have estimated it to be around 15 feet ...and more »

WATCH: Massive gator strolls through Palmetto golf course - FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

PALMETTO, Fla. - It's not unusual to spot an alligator on a Florida golf course, but this massive alligator just traipsing across the golf course in Palmetto is quite a sight to see. The gator casually saunters across the Buffalo Creek Golf Course as ...and more »

Wow, This Is a Big Gator - VICE

When they're not eating one another, or getting dressed like humans, gators like to take casual strolls across golf courses, apparently. Charles Helms was getting in a quick 18 holes at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, when he saw the ...and more »

That Giant Alligator Has Got To Be Fake, Right? - Tech Times

Florida golf courses and alligators go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's not exactly a rare occurrence to see one of the large reptiles waddling across the fairway. That being said, a recent video of an alligator casually strolling across the ...and more »

Goliath gator spotted at Palmetto golf course - ABC Action News

PALMETTO, Fla. - No one ever said golfing was easy, but this Goliath gator surely didn't make it any easier. Charles Helms posted this video to his Facebook page Wednesday, May 25, after seeing the enormous gator roaming the Buffalo Creek Golf Course ...and more »

'Monster' alligator filmed strolling around golf course in Florida - The Independent

A giant alligator has been filmed strolling across a golf course in Florida, to the horror of a group of golfers. “That is the biggest freakin' alligator I have ever seen in my life,” Charles Helms was heard saying as he recorded the huge reptile. He ...and more »