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Iraq Claims Victory in ISIS' Last Urban Stronghold - New York Times

BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces have driven Islamic State fighters from the northern city of Hawija, the militants' final urban stronghold in Iraq, three years after they seized control of nearly a third of the country, the Iraqi government said Thursday. Iraq ...and more »

Islamic State nearly expelled from its last urban stronghold in Iraq - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

DIBIS, Iraq - Iraqi forces have reclaimed the town of Hawijah from the Islamic State, Iraq's prime minister said Thursday, though fighting continued in pockets of the last significant urban territory controlled by the militant group. Prime Minister ...and more »

Iraq forces retake town of Hawija from IS - BBC News

Iraq's prime minister says its military has retaken Hawija, the main town in one of the last two enclaves of so-called Islamic State in the country. Haider al-Abadi told reporters that Hawija had been "liberated" as part of an operation launched two ...and more »

Iraqi Security Forces Liberate Hawija From ISIS Control - Department of Defense

Iraqi security forces have completed a "swift and decisive" victory in liberating the city of Hawija from the grasp of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials said today. Combined Joint Task ...and more »

ISIS pushed out from one of the last strongholds in northern Iraq - Christian Science Monitor

Iraq has declared another victory against the Islamic State even as the militants still control towns on the far west Syrian border. France has offered diplomatic help between Iraq's government and the autonomous Kurdish region. French President ...and more »

In the span of two weeks: How Iraq's security forces defeated ISIS in Hawija - The Jerusalem Post

The quick defeat of ISIS in one of its last strongholds in Iraq still leaves many disturbing questions in the air. 4 minute read. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Kurdish frontline, with Hawija in the distance. (photo credit: COL. CHARLES COSTANZA ...and more »

Iraqi forces conquer Hawija, one of Islamic State's last strongholds - The Jerusalem Post

Iraqi forces have captured the town of Hawija and the surrounding area from Islamic State, though some fighting still raged in a pocket to the north and east of the town where the militants were surrounded, the military said on Thursday. With the ...and more »

Iraqi Army, Allied Shiite Forces Enter IS-held Hawija - Voice of America

The Iraqi army and members of the Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) have entered the town of Hawija in an operation to oust Islamic State from its last stronghold in northern Iraq, commanders on the ground told VOA. "The army, the federal police ...and more »

1000 ISIS militants surrender as Iraq retakes key town of Hawija - USA TODAY

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces announced Thursday they have retaken one of the Islamic State's remaining strongholds after about 1,000 militants surrendered amid fresh signs the terror group is collapsing and unable to defend its territory. “They're giving ...and more »

US congratulates Iraqi forces for routing ISIS - Washington Examiner

The top U.S. military commander in Iraq has congratulated Iraqi forces for their "swift and decisive victory" in liberating Hawija, the last major bastion of Islamic State control in Iraq. "Today's victory demonstrates we are stronger together, and ...and more »