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Apple's head of design says some people 'misuse' iPhones — and it reveals a growing problem for Apple - Markets Insider

Jony Ive Apple's chief design officer, Jony Ive, said that constant use of an iPhone was "misuse." Getty. AAPL Apple. 171.85 -0.58 (-0.30 %). Disclaimer Get real-time AAPL charts here ». Apple's two most senior executives have answered questions about ...and more »

4 Thoughts on Design From Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive - Adweek

Ive said even he thinks 'constant use' of an iPhone isn't always the best thing. Getty Images. Share. By Marty Swant. |. October 6, 2017. Share. When it comes to the world of technology design, few are revered more than Jony Ive, Apple's chief design ...and more »

Apple's Design Master Talked about Designing things unseen and attention to Detail at The New Yorker's Tech Fest - Patently Apple

Apple's design master was interviewed by The New Yorker's David Remnick at their Tech Fest yesterday. Apple's design master is known for the design of iconic products such as the iPhone, the iPad, the iMac and AirPods but he's also known to pay ...and more »

Jony Ive Is a Human Man With Good Taste in Shoes - Gizmodo

NEAR AN ART GALLERY IN CHELSEA - It was an unseasonably warm October afternoon, and Jony Ive was about to go on stage with The New Yorker's David Remnick to talk about who knows what. I got there early, chugged a ginger ale, and hustled past a buffet ...and more »

Apple's design chief thinks its about time you put down the iPhone - TNW

Speaking at The New Yorker's annual tech shindig,TechFest, Apple design guru Jony Ive hit us with some hard truth: we're using our phones too much. Granted, we didn't need Ive to tell us this: multiple studies have come to the same conclusion, and that ...and more »

iPhone Designer Jonathan Ive Criticizes 'Constant Use' Of His Apple Creation - International Business Times

Woman Using iPhone Do you talk on a mobile phone to avoid interaction with others? One study says 13 percent of all mobile phone users do that very thing. Photo: Reuters. If you have an iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter, then you're probably ...and more »

Apple's head designer Jony Ive explains how the iPhone X took 5 years of failure to create - Business Insider

Apple's iPhone X, which hits stores in November, took five years to develop, Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive said on Friday. The device's new design, which eliminates the home button in favor of a screen that takes up nearly the entire front of the ...and more »

Apple's Jony Ive: Some people 'misuse' iPhones - CNNMoney

Jony Ive, perhaps more than anyone not named Steve Jobs, helped kick off the smartphone era as we know it with the launch of the iPhone. But when asked to assess how the iPhone has changed the world, Apple's design guru offered a sober assessment ...and more »

Jony Ive on Jobs, creativity and why old cellphones sucked - CNET

Jony Ive at the 2017 New Yorker TechFest in New York City. Brian Ach/Getty Images for The New Yorker. A central, driving force for Jony Ive and Apple's team to create the iPhone was the pedestrian lousiness of cellphones 10 years ago. "When we worked ...and more »

Apple's Jony Ive on creating the iPhone: 'loathing' made us do it - USA TODAY

NEW YORK— What helped spur Apple to make the iPhone? A big part, said Apple design chief Jony Ive, “was the loathing that we had for the phones that we were using.” But the iPhone, sold to more than 1 billion and credited with ushering in the era of ...and more »