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Anatomy of the IRS phone scam - Boing Boing

If you're like me, you get frequent calls from scammers based in India pretending to be from the IRS. They threaten to come to my house or place of work to arrest and jail me unless I pay them alleged back taxes in the form of gift cards(!). They are ...and more »

US Indicts Dozens in $300 Million Indian Call Center Scheme - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors brought charges on Thursday against dozens of people accused of taking part in a giant international crime ring that relied on Indian telephone call centers to bilk thousands of Americans out of more than $300 million.and more »

US charges 61 defendants in call center scam based in India - PBS NewsHour

WASHINGTON — It can be a frightening call to get — and it's a familiar one for many thousands of Americans. Callers posing as tax and immigration agents are threatening arrest, deportation or other punishment unless money is sent to help clear up ...and more »

56 people charged in India-based call centre scam that may have targeted Canadians -

U.S. authorities have charged 56 people and five companies operating call centres in India in a massive telephone scam that swindled people out of $300 million in the U.S. and possibly Canada. The U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday that scam ...and more »

20 arrested, 61 charged in India-based IRS phone scam case - Ars Technica

On Thursday morning, federal authorities in Texas unsealed criminal charges against dozens of people who are accused of being part of a “transnational criminal organization” that allegedly victimized tens of thousands of people and yielded hundreds of ...and more »

This chart shows the anatomy of the IRS phone scam - Vox

The Department of Justice arrested 20 people in the US Thursday in connection with an international phone scam — the one I wrote about last week, where an Indian call center worker would call Americans pretending to be the IRS. They would demand ...and more »

Feds Arrest 61 For Alleged Indian Call Center Scam That Bilked Millions From Consumers - The Consumerist

Earlier this month, police in India detained hundreds of employees in three different call centers for allegedly proliferating a scam that involved calling unsuspecting consumers masquerading as employees with the Internal Revenue Service and ...and more »

Justice Department charges dozens in massive Indian call center scheme - Washington Post

The callers in India, claiming to be officials with the Internal Revenue Service or immigration services, would present those who answered the phone with an ultimatum. Pay us, or we'll fine you, deport you or arrest you. Their network was expansive ...and more »

US charges 61 over India-based call centre scam - TRT World

Those indicted include 24 people in the US, 32 people and five call centres in India for alleged involvement in a scam, where sales agents impersonated US immigration, IRS and other federal officials to dupe Americans. Indian authorities had earlier ...and more »

US Takes Down Call-Center Financial Scam - Wall Street Journal

Federal authorities said Thursday they had dismantled a massive call-center scheme perpetrated by individuals in the U.S. and India who bilked thousands of Americans out of hundreds of millions of dollars by posing as Internal Revenue Service and ...and more »