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Spectators experienced significantly elevated heart rates, equivalent to rates with vigorous exercise, while ... - Science Daily

Date: October 5, 2017; Source: Elsevier; Summary: A new study suggests that both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat can have a substantial effect on the cardiovascular system. Investigators took the pulse of fans during a hockey game and ...and more »

How Hockey Fans' Hearts React to Stressful Moments in the Game - Live Science

There's nothing quite like the rush of seeing your favorite sports team pull off a win at the last second. But watching live sports can put some serious stress on your heart, a new, small study finds. Watching a hockey game live can more than double a ...and more »

Watching hockey increases cardiac stress by twofold - Medical News Today

This is not the first time that researchers caution about the effect of watching sports on the viewers' cardiac health. Previous research has shown that people who have coronary heart disease are far more likely to have adverse cardiovascular events as ...and more »

Is Watching Sports Bad for Your Health? Here's What New Research Says - TIME

Watching a sports match can stress your heart just as much as playing in the game itself, suggests a small new study in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Researchers found that people's pulses increased by 75% when they watched a hockey game on ...and more »

Live Hockey Match May Elevate Your Heart Rate By 75 percent: Try These Foods for Healthy Heart - NDTV

The nail-biting moments of a hockey match can prove to be a bit too much for your heart to fathom, quite literally. The highs and lows of a thrilling match may leave you at the edge of your seats but the stress that accompanies it may lead to elevated ...and more »

'Heart-stopping' NHL hockey a health risk for cardiac patients: study - CTV News

The pulse-pounding action of an NHL game can elevate a fan's heart rate to the same levels achieved during vigorous exercise, and may pose a health risk to patients with cardiovascular issues, according to a new study of Montreal Canadiens fans ...and more »

Did You Know That Watching Hockey Elevates Your Heart Rate More Than Any Other Sport In The World? -

Turns out that sporting events do more than just excite you or leave you hanging at the edge of your seat; it does your cardiovascular system a world of good as well, claims a recent study. Hockey. REUTERS/representational image ...and more »

Watching hockey could double your heart rate — but it won't replace you working out - New York Daily News

A health check for hockey die-hards: a new study found that the excitement of watching games — in person or on TV — can dramatically increase, and even more than double, heart rate. A research team from the Montreal Heart Institute monitored heart ...and more »

Hockey Viewers' Hearts May Pay a Penalty - HealthDay

THURSDAY, Oct. 5, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Just watching a hockey game can put significant stress on the heart, a new study claims. "Our results indicate that viewing a hockey game can likewise be the source of an intense emotional stress, as ...and more »

Heart Attack Season Is Coming (For Some Fans), Warns Hockey Study - Inverse

The National Hockey League's 101st season began Wednesday as the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, took on the St. Louis Blues and lost — a spicy start to a much-hyped year. The excitement building over the season is ...and more »