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Martin Shkreli Is Jailed for Seeking a Hair From Hillary Clinton - New York Times

Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical executive who is awaiting sentencing for a fraud conviction, was sent to jail on Wednesday after a federal judge revoked his bail because he had offered $5,000 for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair. Mr ...and more »

Martin Shkreli Says He'll Still Make Money From Jail, Will Read Philosophy - Gizmodo

Talking to Martin Shkreli is neither easy nor enjoyable. The “pharma bro,” who once jacked up the price of a life-saving drug from $13.50 to $750 a pill, likes to needle reporters. But I managed to get a few questions answered over email during the ...and more »

Judge sends Martin Shkreli to jail for Facebook post offering bounty for Hillary Clinton's hair - CNBC

An angry federal judge revoked the $5 million bond of convicted fraudster Martin Shkreli on Wednesday and ordered him jailed after ruling the notorious "pharma bro" was a danger to the public because of his offer on Facebook of cash for samples of ...and more »

Martin Shkreli Jailed Over Hillary Clinton Post - HuffPost

By Brendan Pierson. (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Wednesday ordered Martin Shkreli to be jailed while he awaits sentencing for securities fraud, citing a Facebook post in which the former drug company offered a $5,000 reward for a strand of Hillary ...and more »

Martin Shkreli jailed after Facebook post about Hillary Clinton - Washington Post

This story has been updated with details of Martin Shkreli's incarceration. NEW YORK — A federal judge on Wednesday revoked the $5 million bail of Martin Shkreli, the infamous former hedge fund manager convicted of defrauding investors, after ...and more »

Shkreli ordered to await sentencing in jail - The Hill (blog)

A federal judge ordered former drug company CEO Martin Shkreli to jail on Wednesday to await sentencing on charges of defrauding investors, The New York Daily News reported. Judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked Shkreli's $5 million bond after he offered in a ...and more »

Convicted felon Martin Shkreli has finally talked his way behind bars - Endpoints News

The judge in Shkreli's felony fraud case has ordered the pharma bro to jail, acting on a request from prosecutors after Shkreli offered a $5,000 bounty on a lock of Hillary Clinton's hair, which they said represents a serious threat that requires the ...and more »

Shkreli Sent to Jail by Judge Over Clinton Hair Bounty - Bloomberg

Martin Shkreli's big mouth landed him in jail even before his fraud conviction did. A U.S. judge revoked the former pharmaceutical executive's bail Wednesday, ordering him jailed immediately, over a bounty Shkreli issued in a Facebook post for a strand ...and more »

Martin Shkreli Sent to Jail After Threatening to Take Hillary Clinton's Hair - Daily Beast

Martin Shkreli was remanded into custody on Wednesday after a judge revoked his bail. Judge Kiyo Matsumoto refused Shkreli's attorney's pleas to give him just one more chance, which persisted even after she handed down her ruling. At one point ...and more »

Martin Shkreli goes to jail - Salon

Martin Shkreli — the ethically compromised former pharmaceutical executive, likely sociopath, and media-savvy troll who seemed to relish in the national reports of his bad behavior — is going to jail. The incorrigible ex-CEO had been found guilty ...and more »