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As German Election Looms, Politicians Face Voters' Wrath for Ties to Carmakers - New York Times

FRANKFURT — Sometimes it is hard to tell where the German government ends and the auto industry begins. Daimler and Volkswagen's top lobbyists were once close aides to Chancellor Angela Merkel. The foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, used to sit on ...and more »

German election: Why this is a turning point - BBC News

Angela Merkel has won four more years as chancellor and will continue to command the stage in Germany. But this is her party's worst performance with her as leader and overnight Germany's political scene has changed. The third biggest force in Germany ...and more »

In Angela Merkel, German Women Find Symbol, but Not Savior - New York Times

OSNABRÜCK, Germany — Just 9 years old when Chancellor Angela Merkel was first elected in 2005, Kristin Auf der Masch cannot really remember a time when Germany was led by a man. But if Ms. Auf der Masch, now 21 and an apprentice at a wind energy ...and more »

Social media 'bots' tried to influence the US election. Germany may be next - Science Magazine

On 3 September, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her main opponent Martin Schulz faced off in an election debate that many viewers panned as more of a duet than a duel, a far livelier effort was underway on social media. People on Twitter started ...and more »

The Ad Guru Hired to Help Reshape Angela Merkel's Image - TIME

Traditional instruments stand in front of a billboard of German Chancellor and Christian Democrat (CDU) Angela Merkel. Alexander Koerner - Getty Images. By Simon Shuster / Berlin. September 14, 2017. Poets and historians have filled thick tomes in ...and more »

Angela Merkel Has Everything Except a Legacy - Foreign Policy (blog)

The German chancellor has spent 12 years fending off, deterring, and patching up. But in her last term, can she build anything lasting? By Stefan Kornelius. | September 14, 2017, 1:00 PM. German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers her speech as she ...and more »

Obama is back on the campaign trail, in Germany. (Or at least his face is.) - Washington Post

BERLIN — Barack Obama was on his final overseas trip as U.S. president last November, with the wounds of Donald Trump's victory still fresh, when he ad-libbed an unusual endorsement for his host, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “If I were German and ...and more »

Post-election conundrum awaits Germany's Merkel - Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) - Barring an upset, the main uncertainty surrounding Europe's most important election this year is not whether Angela Merkel will continue to lead Germany after next week's vote, but who with and how long they will take to get going ...and more »

German election: Can the Greens and FDP join Angela Merkel in a coalition? - Deutsche Welle

The Greens and the Free Democrats have traditionally been bitter rivals in Germany. But will these two smaller parties put aside their differences for a chance at a coalition with the conservatives and a share in power? Bundestagswahlkampf 2017 ...and more »

You Snooze, She Wins - Slate Magazine

With Angela Merkel's re-election almost certain, Germany's election has been startlingly dull. But more is going on than meets the eye. By Yascha Mounk. GERMANY-ELECTION/MERKEL German Chancellor Angela Merkel waves to supporters as she campaigns in ...and more »