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How the GOP Became the Party of Putin - POLITICO Magazine

“Would somebody please help me out here: I'm confused,” read the email to me from a conservative Republican activist and donor. “The Russians are alleged to have interfered in the 2016 election by hacking into Dem party servers that were inadequately ...and more »

Did Trump Campaign Collude with Russia to Defeat Republican Opponents in GOP Primary? - Just Security

Russia's election interference began well before the general election. It started during the GOP primaries and clearly in support of Donald Trump over his GOP opponents. Thanks to investigative reporting by the New York Times, we now know, at the very ...and more »

Putin wants his US mansions back. Trump needs to say no. - Washington Examiner

Last December, in retaliation for Russia's hacking campaign against the 2016 Presidential election, former President Barack Obama seized two Russian diplomatic mansions. One is in New York, and the other is in Maryland. On Monday, State Department ...and more »

The Russia connections may yet bring Trump down. But right now critics are crying wolf. - Vox

Some of the responses to the news that Donald Trump Jr. met with a slew of Russians seem a tad unhinged. We should reject the outlandish claim that the meeting “borders on treason,” as former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter put it. Moreover ...and more »

The Validator-in-Chief - The American Interest

Whether or not the FBI discovers serious and intentional (rather than just aspirational) collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, President Trump's relentless dissembling and attacks on America's free press—along with his attacks on the ...and more »

What Did Trump Know About His Son's Meeting, and When Did He Know It? - Foreign Policy

Donald Trump is not noted for his sense of humor — he is witless in every sense of the word — but he got off an unintentionally hilarious line the other day when he praised his son Donald Trump Jr. for being “open, transparent and innocent.” In truth ...and more »

Most Americans think Trump Jr.'s meeting was inappropriate — but few were newly convinced of collusion - Washington Post

It's been less than a week since America first learned of the existence of an email that seemed to clearly demonstrate the willingness of some in the Trump campaign to accept the assistance of the Russian government in their effort to win the 2016 ...and more »

How Has Supporting Trump Worked Out for Russia? - New York Magazine

We now know with more certainty than we did a couple weeks ago that the Russian government tried to tip the scales in last year's presidential election toward Donald Trump and that central figures in the Trump campaign were apparently only too happy to ...and more »

Trump's Always Been a Con Artist. But Now He's the Sucker. - The American Prospect

Some of us spent a good part of 2016 arguing that Donald Trump was a con man. He had spent much of his career pulling grifts on unsuspecting victims, whether it was the enrollees at Trump University, customers of the multivitamin pyramid scheme called ...and more »

Robert Reich: Colluding With Russia Fits Trump's Modus Operandi - Newsweek

This article first appeared on What did Trump say when confronted with proof that his son jumped at the prospect of meeting with a “Russian government attorney” offering to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton as “part of Russia and its ...and more »