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Attorneys Suspect Motel 6 Calling ICE on Undocumented Guests - Phoenix New Times

On a hot Wednesday in June, Manuel Rodriguez-Juarez, a 33-year-old landscaper, got into an argument with his live-in girlfriend. While he waited for her to cool down, he decided to check into a $45-a-night room at a nearby Motel 6 on Maryvale's ...and more »

Carrollton company that owns Motel 6 says it put stop to sharing guest information with ICE - Dallas News

Carrollton-based G6 Hospitality LLC, the parent company of Motel 6, says it has put a stop to two of its Phoenix-area locations voluntarily handing over guest information to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees. "This was implemented at ...and more »

Motel 6 says employees will be prohibited from sharing guest lists with ICE -

The Motel 6 budget lodging chain is commonly associated with its longtime slogan of welcoming hospitality: “We'll leave the light on.” But for immigration attorneys in the Phoenix area, the motel chain has become the site of a troubling string of ...and more »

Motel 6 Employees in Arizona Tipped Off ICE About Undocumented Immigrants—Leading to At Least 20 Arrests - Fortune

Motel 6 employees have been tipping off Immigration and Customs Enforcement about undocumented immigrants. In two Motel 6 locations in predominantly Latino parts of Phoenix, Arizona, at least 20 undocumented immigrants were arrested since the start ...and more »

Motel 6 Admits Arizona Sites Were Reporting Guests To ICE Without Chain's Approval - HuffPost

Employees at Motel 6 locations in Phoenix have ceased working with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents in light of a new report that revealed motel staffers were reporting guests who appear to be undocumented immigrants, according to a ...and more »

After New Times Story, Motel 6 Says It Will Stop Sharing Guest Lists With ICE - Phoenix New Times

Update, 3:25 p.m.: Motel 6 has issued another statement in response to our story on their practice of sharing guest lists with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement: "Over the past several days, it was brought to our attention that certain local Motel 6 ...and more »

Motel 6 locations suspected of tipping off ICE agents of undocumented immigrants in Arizona - Business Insider

Google Maps Court records revealed that a number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests have been made from two Motel 6 locations in predominantly Latino neighborhoods in Arizona, lending credence to the theory that employees were ...and more »

Motel 6 Corporation Issues Statement On Phoenix Locations Turning Undocumented Guests in to ICE - The Root

Updated Thursday Sept. 14, 11:39 p.m. EDT: The Root received the following statement issued by the Motel 6 corporation: “Over the past several days, it was brought to our attention that certain local Motel 6 properties in the Phoenix-area were ...and more »

At Motel 6, We'll Keep The Light On For You (And Then Maybe We'll Call The Cops On You) - Above the Law

Generally speaking, Motel 6 is a solid chain. It's certainly never luxurious, but if one has to find a cheap room off the side of a highway when you're 40 miles from nowhere in Nebraska, Motel 6 is going to offer a reasonably priced room that you're at ...and more »

Two Motel 6 Locations In Arizona Reportedly Alert ICE Of Undocumented Immigrants - Vibe

Two Motel 6 locations in Phoenix are being accused of calling immigration officials on undocumented guests, The Phoenix New Times reports. The motels, which are based in predominantly Latino neighborhoods, are presumably responsible for 20 arrests ...and more »