[UPDATES] Naked Man Taunts Cops In Times Square, Jumps Off TKTS Roof - Gothamist

[UPDATES BELOW] The NYPD is dealing with a little situation in Times Square this morning that is the extreme opposite of a costumed character incident: A naked man is on the ledge of the red steps in Duffy Square (over the TKTS booth), strolling around ...and more »

Naked man takes over Times Square and demands to speak to presidential candidate - The Sun

A NAKED fashion model paraded around Times Square demanding a meeting with Donald Trump is to undergo a psychotic evaluation. 21-year-old Krit McClean waved his penis at passers-by at the New York landmark, declaring that he is a virgin.and more »

Naked Man in Times Square Taunts and Spits at Police, as Cameras Roll - New York Times

A naked man who taunted and spat at the police from atop the TKTS booth in Times Square became a rush-hour distraction and a social media spectacle for nearly an hour on Thursday as bystanders recorded video of his actions before he fell about three ...and more »

Naked Model Screaming About Trump Taunts Police Atop TKTS Booth: Witnesses - DNAinfo

A naked man screaming about Donald Trump injured himself after jumping from the TKTS both in Times Square Thursday morning, police said. View Full Caption. Courtesy of Jason Smith. TIMES SQUARE — A naked male model screaming about Donald ...and more »

Watch naked man in Times Square demanding to talk to Donald Trump - The American Bazaar

It was a normal day in Times Square on Tuesday until a man in yellow shirt and black pants screamed out “Donald Trump where are you!?” and started stripping, till he got fully naked. The pedestrians and other passerby were dumbfounded by the act of the ...and more »

Naked Donald Trump 'protester' filmed doing chicken dance and falling off building is a top runway model - Mirror.co.uk

A naked man who staged a bizarre protest in New York's Times Square is an international runway model with an impressive CV, it's been revealed. The tall, muscular young man brought morning rush hour traffic to a halt yesterday when he appeared nude on ...and more »

Naked Times Square guy is actually a super-hot model - New York Post

Krit McClean of Manhattan bared it all and shouted out “Donald Trump, where are you?!” during the hour-plus bizarre display that stopped morning rush-hour traffic and drew hundreds of bystanders just before 8 a.m.. Witnesses said that McClean – wearing ...and more »

Naked Male Model Screams About Trump in Times Square, Jumps Off TKTS Booth - New York Magazine

Times Square just enacted new regulations for performers, but officials most definitely didn't plan for this: A naked man climbed to the top of the TKTS booth on Thursday morning in Times Square. There, the 21-year-old nudist ranted about wanting to ...and more »

Naked man screaming 'Donald Trump where are you?' does chicken dance in Times Square before jumping off building - Mirror.co.uk

This nude man stood on top of a platform in Times Square demanding a meeting with presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Screaming "Donald Trump where are you?" the man brought traffic to a standstill and cops tried to talk him down. At one point the man ...and more »

Police Grab Naked Man Dancing on Times Square TKTS Sign - Billboard

Times Square had just a bit more chaos than usual on Thursday morning (June 30) after a naked man was spotted dancing on the TKTS staircase during the morning commute. An NYPD spokesperson told Billboard that the 21-year-old man was noticed by ...and more »