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'The Force Awakens' in space: Astronauts to watch Star Wars on station -

... — As it turns out, the allure of "The Force" can out pull even the force of gravity. The cultural impact of Star Wars, including episode 7 "The Force Awakens," premiering in theaters on Thursday (Dec. 17), has escaped the Earth and extended all ...and more »

Tim Peake apologises to Elton John for not replying to his good luck tweet with the best excuse - The Independent

Tim-Peake-suit.jpg British astronaut Tim Peake at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, ahead of his launch to the International Space Station. PA. Tim Peake has apologised to Sir Elton John for being two days late replying to the singer's good luck ...and more »

Tim Peake: Life in space is 'absolutely spectacular' - BBC News

UK astronaut Tim Peake says his first three days in space have been better than he imagined. Speaking from the International Space Station, he said life in orbit "was absolutely spectacular". He arrived at the space platform on Tuesday after blasting ...and more »

Astronaut Tim Peake, KG5BVI, to Host First ARISS Video Contact - ARRL

European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake, KG5BVI, who just arrived onboard the International Space Station, will be the first ISS crew member to use the HamTV digital Amateur Radio TV (DATV) system during an Amateur Radio on the International ...and more »

Pig in space: astronaut Tim Peake's first meal in orbit was a bacon sandwich - The Guardian

British astronaut Tim Peake enjoyed a bacon sandwich on his arrival at the International Space Station. Composite: Rex/Getty Images. Tim Peake. Pig in space: astronaut Tim Peake's first meal in orbit was a bacon sandwich. British staples of tea and ...and more »

Ground Control to Major Tim - The Engineer

Many eyes in the UK will be looking skyward today, following Major Tim Peake's trajectory from Azerbaijan to low Earth orbit and his home for the next six months aboard the International Space Station. As I wrote this, Peake's Soyuz had successfully ...and more »

Tim Peake: life on space station 'spectacular' says astronaut - The Guardian

His first day in space was way beyond all his expectations. No, he hadn't seen the new Star Wars film yet but all of them up there were looking forward to seeing it. He was looking forward to training – on a treadmill, harnessed to the spot – for the ...and more »

Tim Peake's space mission is sheer political vanity - The Guardian

Like Major Tim I always wanted to go into space - but I never thought the state should pay for the ticket. These astronomical sums would be better spent elsewhere. School waving flags as Tim Peake goes into space. Other less prestigious sciences get no ...and more »

Tim Peake: British astronaut says life in space 'way beyond expectations' in first press conference from ISS - The Independent

Major Tim Peake said that life in space was "way beyond his expectations" days after he blasted off from Earth. Major Peake, the first fully British professional astronaut, launched from Kazakhstan on Tuesday aboard a Soyuz FG rocket, docking at the ...and more »

“Space matters”: UK publishes its first national space policy - SpaceFlight Insider

The U.K. government has published a document outlining the country's role in future space programs and envisioning Britain's growing role in the space industry. The document, entitled “National Space Policy”, was released by the U.K. Space Agency on ...and more »