Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Issues Claimed to Be Fixed; Free Repairs Offered - NDTV

Since the launch of Nintendo Switch at the beginning of March, people have had trouble with the left Joy-Con controller, when it comes to maintaining a stable connection. Now, Nintendo has admitted that the problems are due to a "manufacturing variation".and more »

Nintendo Switch Joy-con woes fixed with tiny conductive foam - SlashGear

The Nintendo Switch might not have gained a perfect score, but reception has mostly been positive. The most glaring problem, perhaps, is the connectivity issue that plagued some Joy-con controllers. Nintendo has so far demonstrated it skills at ...and more »

Nintendo Switch news: MAJOR hardware problems RESOLVED -

Nintendo doesn't think the problem is widespread, but has altered the manufacturing process to ensure connectivity problems don't affect future models. In a statement to CNET, Nintendo said: "There is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers, and ...and more »

Nintendo Claims 'Manufacturing Variation' For Joy-Con Issues - Ubergizmo

According to Nintendo's official stance regarding the Joy-Con connectivity issues, the company has claimed that there are no widespread technical issues. However it seems that the problems could have been due to “manufacturing variations”, or at least ...and more »

Nintendo to fix Switch but won't say it's broken -

Nintendo Switch's left Joy-Con has been known to have random de-sync issues. Image stock photo. Despite the undeniable success of the Nintendo Switch, it is far from perfect. One of most prevalent issues is the glitchy left Joy-Con that ...and more »

Nintendo pushes the blame of left joy-con controller sync issues on 'manufacturing variation' - The Tech Portal

Nintendo switch, the Japanese gaming giant's latest hybrid console, might've become the fastest selling console in America but it has been facing sync issues with its wireless Joy-con controllers — especially the left one. This had been causing ...and more »

Nintendo offering “simple fix” for disconnecting Switch controllers [Updated] - Ars Technica

Enlarge / The small bit of foam in the lower-right corner is apparently the only thing needed to make a Nintendo Switch left Joy-Con start working perfectly. Sean Hollister / CNet · reader comments 81. Share this story. Update: Nintendo of America has ...and more »

Nintendo Is Fixing The Switch's Left Joy-Con Connection Issues - GameSpot

Original Story: If your Nintendo Switch's left Joy-Con de-syncs when you're playing with it wirelessly, there's new hope for a solution. There are reports the company is fixing the hardware issue. Even before the Switch's launch on March 3, several ...and more »

Nintendo Says It's Found the Switch Joy-Con Issue and Is Fixing It - TIME

Nintendo says it has discovered why certain Joy-Con controllers experience sync issues when communicating wirelessly with its Switch game console, and that it has taken steps to correct the problem. The issue, first reported by certain press outlets ...and more »

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Since the Switch started to show up in gamer's homes, some have been complaining about issues with its wireless Joy-Cons. Problems with losing connection, particularly on the left one, have plagued some enough to attempt DIY fixes, but in a statement ...and more »