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Touted As Middle-Class Win, GOP Tax Plan Directly Benefits Wealthy, Analysis Finds - NPR

President Trump and congressional Republicans have pitched their tax plan as a boost for the middle class. "The rich will not be gaining at all with this plan," Trump told reporters during a meeting with lawmakers in mid-September. But analysts at the ...and more »

The child tax credit could “make or break” the Republican tax plan - Vox

Trump says the Republican tax plan will help working families. This tax credit might be the only way it can. By Anna North Oct 3, 2017, 9:00am EDT. Share Tweet Share. Share. The child tax credit could “make or break” the Republican tax plan. tweet ...and more »

Republicans defend tax plan as a middle-class tax cut - Washington Post

Republican leaders on Sunday were unable to guarantee tax cuts for all middle-class workers as a part of a tax plan that GOP leaders have pledged to produce by the end of the year. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and Treasury Secretary Steven ...and more »

The GOP says its business tax plan will help workers and small businesses. It won't. - Vox

Outside contributors' opinions and analysis of the most important issues in politics, science, and culture. Edward Kleinbard analyzed the Republican tax “framework” earlier this month. The bill introduced this week contains the elements he discusses ...and more »

Which investments would GOP tax plan help -- or hurt? - CBS News

Under the tax blueprint recently unveiled by President Donald Trump and Republican leaders in Congress, a bunch of investments would benefit -- and others would not. Small-capitalization stocks and financial services shares likely would do well, for ...and more »

Trump plan aims new foreign tax at Apple, Microsoft, other multinationals - Seattle Times

Customers line up outside an Apple store during the iPhone 8 launch at Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE, in September. A new tax included in a plan by the president and congressional Republicans may hit (MAHMOUD KHALED/EPA-EFE). The rate and formula of a new ...and more »

Republicans Need Tax Principles. Like These. - Bloomberg

Reforms should be guided by big-picture goals. For example, the system should treat comparable taxpayers similarly. by. Michael R. Strain. @MichaelRStrain More stories by Michael R. Strain. 40. October 3, 2017, 4:00 AM PDT. Better goals, please ...and more »

The 5 Best Stocks to Buy for Trump's Tax Cuts - Kiplinger's Personal Finance

It has been a long time coming, but a corporate tax overhaul may finally be here. In late September, President Donald Trump gave a rough outline of the changes he would like to see implemented. The details are a little sketchy, and Congress still must ...and more »

The Political Land Mine in the Republican Tax Plan - The Atlantic

Subscribe to The Atlantic's Politics & Policy Daily, a roundup of ideas and events in American politics. There are any number of provisions that could bring down the far-reaching Republican tax plan between now and when the House and Senate hope to ...and more »

Democrats Overstate Trump Tax Plan Effects -

Democrats have used outdated or inflated figures to attack the GOP tax plan, when sticking to the facts would have served them just as well. Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted an image of a chart that exaggerates how much President Donald Trump and other ...and more »