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Democrats Overstate Trump Tax Plan Effects -

Democrats have used outdated or inflated figures to attack the GOP tax plan, when sticking to the facts would have served them just as well. Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted an image of a chart that exaggerates how much President Donald Trump and other ...and more »

The child tax credit could “make or break” the Republican tax plan - Vox

“We're targeting relief to working families," President Trump said last week of the just-announced Republican tax plan. "We will make sure benefits are focused on the middle class, the working men and women, not the highest-income earners." But the ...and more »

Conservatives defy GOP orthodoxy on cutting top tax rate - Politico

House conservatives — desperate for a win on tax reform — are open to nixing some newly proposed tax cuts on the wealthy, challenging the GOP's tax-cuts-for-all orthodoxy. Multiple House Freedom Caucus members said they'd support maintaining the ...and more »

Dueling GOP budgets head for collision in quest for tax reform - Politico

House and Senate Republicans stand poised to wage war over their dueling versions of a budget resolution that would unlock the GOP's long-desired tax reform. Senate Republicans rolled out their fiscal 2018 budget on Friday, and the two chambers' ...and more »

How tax reform could rattle your retirement planning -

How you save for retirement may get a lot harder. President Donald Trump calls the ongoing Republican drive to cut and reform taxes “the biggest in the history of our country.” The White House and congressional Republicans have a tax plan framework ...and more »

Touted As Middle-Class Win, GOP Tax Plan Directly Benefits Wealthy, Analysis Finds - NPR

President Trump and congressional Republicans have pitched their tax plan as a boost for the middle class. "The rich will not be gaining at all with this plan," Trump told reporters during a meeting with lawmakers in mid-September. But analysts at the ...and more »

The Political Land Mine in the Republican Tax Plan - The Atlantic

There are any number of provisions that could bring down the far-reaching Republican tax plan between now and when the House and Senate hope to vote on the legislation later this fall. But one proposal in particular has quickly become a political land ...and more »

The US Can No Longer Afford Deficit-Increasing Tax Cuts - Wall Street Journal

During the debt-ceiling crisis and fiscal negotiations of 2011-12, I frequently heard from business leaders about the need for a grand bargain to raise revenue and cut spending in the manner proposed by the Simpson-Bowles fiscal commission. The tax ...and more »

Republicans Are Reconsidering Full Repeal of State and Local Tax Deduction - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Republican leaders are backing away from a proposal to fully repeal an expensive tax break used by more than 40 million tax filers to deduct state and local taxes amid pushback from fellow lawmakers whose residents rely on the popular ...and more »

How the Trump tax plan will make 'most people better off','Tax Foundation president says - CNBC

With Washington planning a broad overhaul, your tax bracket could be changing. But will that actually score you and your family a lower tax bill? While the Republican-led tax reform plan is short on some details at this point, the head of a tax policy ...and more »