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Runaway unicorn in California leads police on wild chase - Treehugger

The California Highway Patrol spent hours trying to find the fugitive creature after it escaped from a fairy-tale photo shoot in Madera Ranchos. The first time Juliette escaped from a children's photo shoot in Madera Ranchos, California, she was ...and more »

Unicorn In Central California Leads Police In 3-Hour Chase - Tech Times

For the motorists may have spotted a rainbow trail while driving along Avenue 12 and Road 33 to Road 35 in Madera County on the morning of Feb. 25, but there is no need to be confused because it is just evidence of California Highway Patrol (CHP ...and more »

Chasing a 'unicorn' in California. What should be police response time? - Christian Science Monitor

An escaped pony dressed as a unicorn led police on an almost four-hour case through Madera, Calif., a reminder of the challenges of real vs. fake 911 calls. By Lucy Schouten, Staff February 27, 2016. close. California Highway Patrol officer Mark ...and more »

'Unicorn' leads California authorities on four-hour chase after escaping photoshoot - New York Daily News

Juliet, a California pony that was dressed as a unicorn, led authorities on a four-hour chase on Wednesday after running away from a photoshoot. (Courtesy KMPH Fox News). BY Christopher Brennan. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Updated: Friday, February 26, 2016 ...and more »

Pony dressed as unicorn leads police on a 3-hour chase - Mashable

After owners placed a unicorn horn on her head for a photo shoot, Juliet the pony escaped, leading the California Highway Patrol on a magical, three-hour-long police chase. See also: These horses love making snow angels. Juliet's owner, Sandra Boos ...and more »

California Highway Patrol needed nearly four hours to catch a runaway 'unicorn' - Los Angeles Times

When a caller reported a "unicorn-like" animal galloping down an open Central Valley road, the California Highway Patrol suspected someone was high on hallucinogenic drugs. But then officers met Juliet -- a snow-white, 600-pound Shetland pony with a ...and more »

'Unicorn' Captured in Madera, California - Breitbart News

Was that a unicorn that a California Highway Patrol helicopter captured on Wednesday in Madera? Not quite, but it looked like one. A horse called “Juliette” that was crowned with a fake horn escaped from a children's party. The horse was captured after ...and more »

Runaway 'Unicorn' Leads Police On A 4-Hour Chase - Huffington Post

A pony dressed up as the mythical spiral-horned beast escaped from a photoshoot and evaded capture for four hours on Wednesday night. At 5:30 p.m., Juliet bolted from a home in the Fresno suburb of Madera Ranchos just as owner Sandra Boos was taking ...and more »

Did you see that? Unicorn leads police on 3-hour chase - Fox 59

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (Feb. 26, 2016) – It certainly made people do a double-take. Some ...and more »

California authorities lead on wild chase by pony dressed a unicorn -

Juliet the pony doubles as a unicorn for photoshoots. She escaped from one photoshoot and led authorities on a four-hour chase. California authorities probably thought they were seeing things when a unicorn hoofed it through town, giving them chase ...and more »