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Sean Spicer Talks Donald Trump's Inauguration Crowd, Media Battles With Jimmy Kimmel (Watch) - Variety

UPDATED: Sean Spicer's interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” proved to be a ratings hit for the ABC late-night show. Spicer's interview helped Kimmel deliver his highest-rated telecast on any night in three months in Nielsen's metered markets households ...and more »

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Sean Spicer to his face about that inauguration crowd size incident - Washington Post

Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to discuss with Sean Spicer on Wednesday night, as President Trump's embattled former press secretary stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for his first interview since leaving the White House. “He survived one of the worst jobs ever ...and more »

I Guess We Have to Talk About Sean Goddamn Spicer One More Goddamn Time - GQ Magazine

Sean Spicer sat down for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, marking the former White House press secretary's first major public appearance since he abruptly announced his resignation some two months ago. It was an odd pairing that came ...and more »

Jimmy Kimmel Grills Sean Spicer on Trump: 'Have You Ever Seen the President Naked?' - Daily Beast

After enduring a parade of humiliations, including having a potential guest on Maury who likes to make autofellatio jokes about his colleagues installed above him, Sean Spicer resigned as press secretary in July (the aforementioned Anthony “The Mooch” ...and more »

Sean Spicer basically admitted that he was willing to lie for Trump - Washington Post

Sean Spicer claims it was his job to say whatever President Trump told him to say. “That's what you sign up to do,” the former White House press secretary said Wednesday on ABC's “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” late-night show. Revisiting his memorable ...and more »

Sean Spicer pressed (gently) as 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' guest - Chicago Tribune

It was a different Sean Spicer who paid a visit to ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night. This was a smiling, chill Spicer, in marked contrast to the six hot-tempered months he spent as White House Press Secretary, conducting volatile news ...and more »

Sean Spicer tells Jimmy Kimmel that Melissa McCarthy's impression 'cost me a lot of money in therapy' - The Independent

To be honest, Jimmy Kimmel didn't achieve much in inviting former Press Secretary Sean Spicer on his show, his first interview since leaving the White House. The host may have breached topics like Donald Trump's Twitter habits, the lies about his ...and more »

Sean Spicer Talks Donald Trump, Melissa McCarthy And Crowd Size With Jimmy Kimmel - Deadline

UPDATED with details, video: Sean Spicer has never seen President Donald Trump naked, the former White House press secretary answered when Jimmy Kimmel asked by way of trying to understand why Trump is so obsessed with the size of his inaugural ...and more »

Sean Spicer Tells Kimmel About His Reaction to Anthony Scaramucci's Profanity-Filled Rant - Newsweek

Sean Spicer's short-lived tenure as White House Press Secretary was a tumultuous one, to say the least. He routinely criticized the press to their faces. He struggled to reconcile the president's pronouncements with the truth. He appeared to hide in ...and more »

Sean Spicer passes blame on inauguration size debacle during 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' appearance - New York Daily News

Sean Spicer isn't used to cheers. The former White House press secretary joined Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night and said the applause from the audience was a welcome relief — but insisted that people have thanked him for his service. Advertisement.and more »