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Middle-earth: Shadow of War review - PC Gamer

The orcs are the real stars of Shadow of War. Decorated with skulls, piercings, and plates of battered iron armour, these grotesque, toothy brutes sneer, jeer, and brag like rowdy drunks. And before you fight them they delight in detailing all the ways ...and more »

Goofy orcs and epic battles snap Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War out of a rough start - AV Club

Welcome to our Game In Progress review of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War. Over the next two weeks, Gameological editor Matt Gerardi will be playing through this sequel to Shadow Of Mordor, the grisly Tolkien-verse game of orc stabbing and manipulation.and more »

Middle-earth: Shadow of War: The Kotaku Review - Kotaku

When Shadow of Mordor released in 2014, its “nemesis system” was brilliant enough that many people hoped it would define a new generation of games. Years later, that vision of industry-wide character hierarchies that learn, evolve, and remember the ...and more »

Shadow of War Review Roundup: Play It or Skip It? - Tom's Guide

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was one of 2014's most welcome surprises. Despite a questionable application of J.R.R. Tolkien's canon, Shadow of Mordor won fans over with its fast-paced, fluid gameplay, dynamic world and incredibly inventive Nemesis ...and more »

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review: Where Many Paths and Errands Meet - USgamer

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a monster of a game. It is a huge, sprawling thing that demands your time and effort. It wants your hours and your upkeep. At times, it feels like The Silmarillion in game form: an endless list of names, 90 percent of ...and more »

Some questions about Shadow of War - Polygon

This week on the show where I was supposed to answer questions from Google but that got boring, I answer very serious questions from Twitter about Middle-earth: Shadow of War! This game has been reviewed by us, and we found it OK. It's pretty much like ...and more »

Shadow Of War Review Roundup [Updated] - GameSpot

Otherwise, however, Shadow of War seems to be going down well with critics. We awarded the open-world game a 7/10 in our review. "It tries to be larger than its predecessor … yet it leaves you wanting less," wrote Justin Haywald. "But at its core, it ...and more »

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - How to easily earn XP and level up fast - GamesRadar

Increasing your level as fast as possible in Middle-earth: Shadow of War is essential. Almost everything in the game is tied to level. You can only dominate Orcs up to your level, gear drops scale with how much experience you have, and any chests you ...and more »

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review – Return of the King (PS4) - PlayStation LifeStyle

As a long time Tolkien fan and gamer, I always get giddy when the two worlds collide, but it was always retellings of Tolkien's stories. Few dared venture an original work set within the world, as the Middle-earth lore is precious to fans. In 2014 ...and more »

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review — One Ring to Bind an Army - DualShockers

Many sequels often try to go down the route of being “bigger and better” than the game that preceded it. While on paper the idea of adding more depth and blowing up a game to a larger scale in a sequel is a good idea, sometimes that added size loses ...and more »