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South Korea Plans 'Decapitation Unit' to Try to Scare North's Leaders - New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — The last time South Korea is known to have plotted to assassinate the North Korean leadership, nothing went as planned. In the late 1960s, after North Korean commandoes tried to ransack the presidential palace in Seoul, South ...and more »

The ABCs of Deterring North Korea - War on the Rocks

Editor's Note: This is the second installment of “The Brush Pass,” a new column by Joshua Rovner (@joshrovner1) on intelligence, strategy, and statecraft. Kim Jong Un has rekindled a decades-old debate among international relations scholars: Are some ...and more »

Why Russia Won't Help More on North Korea - The Atlantic

The communiques out of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations were exultant on Monday. They lauded the unanimous passage in the Security Council of the “strongest sanctions ever imposed” on North Korea for its nuclear weapons program. Among other ...and more »

Why South Korean media so often misses the mark on North Korea - NK News

News about North Korea is well known for being unreliable, either grossly distorted, factually incorrect, or needlessly sensationalized. In the never-ending race for traffic, journalists rely on the 'impossible-to-verify' nature of the subject to ...and more »

More than ever, South Koreans want their own nuclear weapons - Washington Post

SEOUL — It seemed like a fringe idea not too long ago, but the proposal for South Korea to have its own nuclear arms is gaining steam here. There are many reasons South Korea probably will not pursue this path. A big one: President Moon Jae-in took ...and more »

Trump says UN North Korea sanctions are 'not a big deal' - CNN

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump and congressional lawmakers signaled on Tuesday that more steps need to be taken to rein in North Korea's rapidly developing nuclear program despite the United Nations Security Council's unanimous vote to ...and more »

What If South Korea Acted Like North Korea? - National Review

Think of the Korean Peninsula turned upside down. Imagine if there were a South Korean dictatorship that had been in power, as a client of the United States since 1953. Advertisement. Imagine also that contemporary South Korea was not the rich ...and more »

How Russia quietly undercuts sanctions intended to stop North Korea's nuclear program - Washington Post

Russian smugglers are scurrying to the aid of North Korea with shipments of petroleum and other vital supplies that could help that country weather harsh new economic sanctions, U.S. officials say in an assessment that casts further doubt on whether ...and more »

Why Russia and China watered down the UN's new North Korea sanctions - Vox

The United Nations just passed the harshest sanctions package it's ever adopted against North Korea after the country conducted its sixth and largest nuclear test last week. But the US only managed to push the sanctions through after dropping some key ...and more »

UN passes fresh sanctions on North Korea - CNN

(CNN) The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a US-drafted resolution to impose new sanctions on North Korea on Monday -- a move that comes just one week after the rogue nation carried out its sixth and largest nuclear test.and more »