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Fatal stabbing in New York was 'practice' for more attacks on black men, police say - Washington Post

A day after police say a white man admitted to fatally stabbing a black man in New York City and intending to kill many more, authorities charged him Thursday with murder as a hate crime, even as prosecutors were also urged to pursue federal charges.and more »

White man traveled to New York to kill black men and 'make a statement,' police say - Washington Post

A white man from Maryland who told police he traveled to New York to kill black men turned himself in on Wednesday, about 24 hours after he fatally stabbed a man he encountered on the street, officials said. Authorities described the suspected attacker ...and more »

A Man Who Hated Black Men Found a Victim Who Cared for Others - New York Times

Since he was a boy he has hated black men. A bitter hatred of black men that boiled in his mind and consumed him. Then last week, apparently, he decided to kill them. This was the mind-set investigators say they gathered of James Harris Jackson, a ...and more »

KING: There's no place for media attacks on character of Timothy Caughman immediately after his death - New York Daily News

Early Wednesday morning, I first learned that one of the victims of the horrific terrorist attack in London was Aysha Frade — a 43-year-old school teacher and mother of two. She appears to have been a wonderful woman. Every report I saw about her was ...and more »

Attacker's fatal stabbing of New York black man was 'racially motivated,' police say - PBS NewsHour

Authorities arrested and charged a white Baltimore resident on suspicion of murder after he admitted to killing Timothy Caughman, a 66-year-old black man, in New York, police officials said this week. James Harris Jackson, 28, an Army veteran, fatally ...and more »

Hate-fueled Baltimore man saw first victim as 'practice' to 'kill additional black men' in Times Square - New York Daily News

A hate-fueled white supremacist told cops his killing of a random black man was merely a practice run for a racist mass murder spree. Suspect James Jackson, who came from Baltimore to unleash his homicidal bile, said his unprovoked sword attack Monday ...and more »

Suspect in Manhattan Killing Hated Black Men, Police Say - New York Times

An Army veteran with a long-simmering hatred of black men claimed responsibility on Wednesday for using a sword to fatally stab a homeless man in Manhattan this week, the police said, calling the attack random and racially motivated. The suspect, James ...and more »

Racist Maryland man who fatally stabbed black New Yorker admits his intent to kill African-American men - New York Daily News

A white Army vet intent on killing black men stalked one potential victim before setting his sights on another — quenching his racist thirst by driving a sword through a man in Midtown, police said. The 26-inch weapon — with an 18-inch blade ...and more »

Was NYC Racial Killing the Work of a Phineas Priest? - Southern Poverty Law Center

An Army veteran who traveled to New York City with the expressed intention of killing a black man reportedly also wanted to deliver a racist manifesto to The New York Times, the newspaper reported in today's editions. James Harris Jackson, 28, of ...and more »

Another Murderer Crazed by Color, This Time Met by Silence - New York Times

Draped in the clouds of his white spacesuit, James Harris Jackson, 28, trim light hair above a shaved, doughy face, was led in handcuffs out of a police station house in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday morning, then driven downtown for his arraignment.and more »