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White football players accused of raping mentally disabled black teammate in locker room - WRCB-TV

This image shows a drawing allegedly made by one of the plaintiff's teammates showing him sitting in the back of a bus. The original drawing including the name of the victim, which has been redacted to protect his privacy. By Katie Terhune, KTVB ...and more »

Idaho high school football players charged with raping disabled teammate with a coat hanger in racially charged trial - New York Daily News

Three high school football players have been accused of sexually assaulting a mentally disabled teammate with a coat hanger, following months of harassment, as a racially charged trial looms for a tiny Idaho town. Last fall, three star football players ...and more »

White high school football players in Idaho charged with sexually assaulting black, disabled teammate with a coat hanger - Washington Post

When a teammate held out his arms after football practice in their high school locker room, the student thought he was about to get a hug. Instead, he was viciously assaulted, authorities say. As the teammate restrained the victim, another football ...and more »

Idaho family sues school after alleged sexual assault of black football player - Washington Post

The whispers began last fall in Dietrich — allegations that white students on the high school football team had sexually assaulted a black teammate with a coat hanger. But no one in this rural Idaho town of 330 really knew the horrific details of the ...and more »

Keller teen accused of racially motivated sexual assault of teammate in Idaho high school football locker room - Dallas Morning News

BOISE, Idaho — A black teenager who prosecutors say was sexually assaulted by three white football players in the locker room of an Idaho high school has sued the school district, alleging the rape was the culmination of months of racist taunts and ...and more »

White High School Football Players Accused Of Coat Hanger Assault On Black, Disabled Teammate - Huffington Post

Three white high school football players in southern Idaho have been charged in the brutal sexual assault of a disabled teammate, who is black. Ex-Dietrich High School students John R.K. Howard, 18, and Tanner Ward, 17, who played for the school ...and more »

UPDATE: Dietrich Locker Room Rape followed Months of Racial Abuse, Says Civil Lawsuit Seeking $10M - Twin Falls Times-News

DIETRICH • The rape of a black, mentally disabled Dietrich High School football player inside a school locker room in October was the culmination of months of racial, physical, emotional and psychological abuse ignored by school officials, alleges a ...and more »

Idaho High School Football Players Accused of Raping Disabled Teammate: Lawsuit -

Editor's note: This story contains graphic details about an alleged sexual assault. A tiny Idaho town is in turmoil following shocking allegations of racism and a brutal rape ripping apart what many consider the heart of the community: its high school ...and more »

White Dietrich football players accused of raping mentally disabled black teammate in locker room -

The parents of a Dietrich student have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Dietrich school District, charging the school failed to protect their son from escalating racially-based harassment and assaults that culminated in the teen being brutally ...and more »

White Idaho High School Football Players Charged in Brutal Sexual Assault of Black, Disabled Teammate - The Root

Three Dietrich, Idaho, teenagers have been charged with sexual assault in the brutal rape of their high school football teammate, the Washington Post reports. One teammate, under the guise of giving the victim—who reportedly has "mental disorders ...and more »