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Mystery Fanged Sea Creature Washes Up on Texas Beach after Hurricane Harvey - Newsweek

A walk along Texas City beach took an unexpected turn for Preeti Desai when she stumbled over a creature that normally swims well below the surface washed ashore during Hurricane Harvey. Desai posted a picture of the fanged sea creature on Twitter in ...and more »

Mysterious Fanged Eel Washes Ashore During Hurricane Harvey - Live Science

Okay, biology twitter, what the heck is this?? Found on a beach in Texas City, TX. #wildlifeid — Preeti Desai(@preetalina) September 6, 2017. Hurricane Harvey stranded a mysterious fanged eel on the beach in Texas, leaving ...and more »

The fanged, faceless sea creature that washed ashore during Harvey has been identified - Washington Post

After high winds and heavy rains brought by Hurricane Harvey, a mysterious sea creature with fangs and no face washed up on the shoreline in southeastern Texas — giving the Internet a challenging task: to identify it. Preeti Desai, social media ...and more »

We Finally Know What This Hurricane Harvey Sea Creature Actually Is - TIME

A mystery sea creature that washed ashore in Texas during Hurricane Harvey has been identified thanks to a biologist and a viral tweet. After Harvey, National Audubon Society social media manager Preeti Desai posted a tweet asking for help identifying ...and more »

Mysterious fanged creature found on Texas beach in Harvey's aftermath - The San Diego Union-Tribune

A woman who found a faceless and fanged creature that washed up on a Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey asked the Internet what it was, prompting lots of guesses as well as much recoiling at the sight of the ferocious-looking beast. “Yes the flood ...and more »

Fanged creature found on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey - BBC News

A mysterious fanged sea creature that washed up on a beach in Texas following Hurricane Harvey has been identified. Preeti Desai found the decaying fish on a beach in Texas City, and asked Twitter for help. She posted several photos with the caption: ...and more »

Mystery as fanged sea beast 'with no eyes' is found washed up on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey -

A FANGED 'monster' with no eyes which washed up on a beach after Hurricane Harvey has left experts scratching their heads. The colossal creature was found rotting on a beach near Houston after the megastorm which ravaged the southern US, reports The ...and more »

Harvey delivered this fanged, faceless creature to the Texas shore - Treehugger

As Twitter chittered with spooked speculation over the poor sea creature, a Smithsonian biologist provides an explanation. It's not the first time to have happened; a mysterious something is found washed ashore and the crowd goes wild. There are ...and more »

Harvey raises rare marine creature from the deep - The Weather Network

Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 7:40 PM - It seems Hurricane Harvey displaced more than just the land-dwelling residents of the beleaguered Texas coast. Science communicator Preeti Desai came across ... something ... as she surveyed a beach in Texas ...and more »

Strange eel: mystery of the Texas eyeless sea beast solved - The Guardian

Scary-looking fish found on a Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey is identified as a fangtooth snake-eel with the help of social media. Guardian staff. Thu 14 Sep 2017 11.13 EDT Last modified on Wed 14 Feb 2018 12.07 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on ...and more »