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A closer look at who does (and doesn't) pay US income tax - Pew Research Center

As Congress and the White House pivot from trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act to overhauling the U.S. tax code, it's helpful to take a closer look at how the tax system works presently in the context of its recent history. Individual income taxes ...and more »

Here's How Trump's Tax Plan Might Hurt New York City - DNAinfo

MANHATTAN — Many New Yorkers — except perhaps the superrich like Donald Trump and his family — may not not fare exceptionally well under the president's proposals to cut taxes, most experts agree. However, it's hard to understand the potential ...and more »

The Trump administration is sending confusing signals on their tax plan and the federal deficit - Business Insider

Mick Mulvaney Carlos Barria/Reuters During President Barack Obama's administration, Republicans built a leg of their opposition to his policies by ripping their potential effects on the federal deficit. Now in President Donald Trump's nascent ...and more »

Does Trump's tax plan do nothing for low income earners? - PolitiFact

Senate Democratic Leader Charles E. Schumer says President Donald Trump's tax plan would raise the federal income tax rate for the country's lowest earners while lowering it for the wealthy. Democrats oppose the plan, saying it benefits the rich over ...and more »

The Republican Plan to Rob America - The Nation.

The Republican tax plan is a lie. It's being sold with the promise that the tax cut will create jobs and growth. In fact, the Republican tax cuts, if passed, will become the major obstacle to the very investments vital to generating good jobs and ...and more »

It Adds Up: Trump's Plan to Cut Taxes Will Grow Federal Revenue - Observer

While Donald Trump's and congressional Republicans' unified tax reform plan involves some backtracking from original proposals, it is still just what is needed: a large, even historic, pro-growth tax rate cut based on the same model as the enormously ...and more »

5 Reasons You Could Owe More Under the Trump Tax Plan - Motley Fool

The White House and Congressional Republicans recently came out with their proposed tax reform framework, and taxpayers want to know how the plan will affect them. Although details are still sketchy at this point, a number of policy advocates have ...and more »

Are red low-tax states subsidizing blue high-tax states through the tax code? - Washington Post

“We want to get the federal government out of the business of subsidizing the states.” –Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, interview on ABC's “This Week,” Oct. 1, 2017. “Is it fair that other states subsidize states that have high state taxes?” –House ...and more »

Republicans Make A Political Calculus On State And Local Tax Deduction - HuffPost

WASHINGTON ― Republicans from some blue states want their constituents to believe they've extracted major tax reform concessions from GOP leadership on the state and local tax deduction, a write-off that mostly benefits highly taxed areas. What may be ...and more »

Under the Republican tax plan, would you want to become a company? -

Does it pay to become “You Inc.”? The Republican tax plan released by lawmakers on Thursday and supported by the Trump administration has one clear message on business taxes: Cut them. The tax overhaul would reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 ...and more »