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NFL owners, end your Colin Kaepernick conspiracy and display real patriotism - New York Daily News

Irony is defined as a state or an event that appears deliberately contrary to what is expected and the result is amusing. The overtly visible conspiracy among ersatz patriotic NFL owners to deny a more-than-capable Kaepernick an opportunity to compete ...and more »

Colin Kaepernick has some of the NFL's best-selling merchandise even though teams don't want him - SB Nation

Kaepernick is the only player in the top 50 for merchandise sales who isn't on a roster. By Jeanna Thomas@jeannathomas Updated Aug 1, 2017, 9:32pm EDT. tweet · share · pin · Rec. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images. There are 1,696 players on active NFL ...and more »

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Don't Tell Colin Kaepernick to "Stick to Sports" - Hollywood Reporter

The NBA legend, who once faced withering criticism after he converted to Islam and changed his name, argues that NFL players need to step up in solidarity and defend an outspoken black quarterback fighting for social justice and a job. The swirling ...and more »

The Ravens are asking their fans about signing Colin Kaepernick? Brilliant! - Washington Post

The Baltimore Ravens are flirting with the future of sports decision-making, and it's both populist and grand. No longer must front-office executives take the weight of the world on their shoulders when deciding whether to trade prospects for ...and more »

Bisciotti says Ravens keeping 'door open' on signing Colin Kaepernick - Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti was asked by a fan on why he would ever sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick. (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video). Jeff ZrebiecContact Reporter. The Ravens' top executives have spoken to current and former ...and more »

Ravens owner says 'pray for us' over possibility of signing Colin Kaepernick - CNN

(CNN) The Baltimore Ravens are still considering signing controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick even though team owner Steve Bisciotti has admitted the acquisition would "upset some people." Bisciotti made his comments at a fan forum at M&T Bank ...and more »

Ravens owner admits that Colin Kaepernick's protest is a factor in whether to sign him - Washington Post

The Baltimore Ravens' quarterback situation may be dire as training camp opens, but, like so many other NFL teams, the Ravens are not turning to Colin Kaepernick. At least owner Steve Bisciotti was open about the reasons. Possibly wrong, but open ...and more »

Owner Steve Bisciotti says Ravens still deciding whether to sign Colin Kaepernick: 'Pray for us' - ESPN

BALTIMORE -- Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said Sunday that the team is still deciding whether to sign controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick. "We're very sensitive to it, and we're monitoring it and we're still, as [general manager Ozzie ...and more »

When White athletes use their privilege for good - New York Daily News

When members of the Indiana Fever took a knee during the national anthem it included both white and black players which you didn't see in the NFL last season. (Darron Cummings/AP). Carron J. Phillips. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 10:39 ...and more »

Steve Bisciotti: Ravens Had Talks With Colin Kaepernick, Doing Research -

The Ravens have talked to Kaepernick about his desire to play, as well as Joe Flacco, Benjamin Watson, Ray Lewis, fans, sponsors and community members about the possibility of adding the controversial quarterback. The Ravens are doing extensive ...and more »