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Mattis Discloses Part of Afghanistan Battle Plan, but It Hasn't Yet Been Carried Out - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, normally reluctant to speak publicly about American troops deployed around the globe, took a different tack this week on Capitol Hill. Pressed by lawmakers, including Senator John McCain, Republican of ...and more »

Sixteen Years and Counting: The Afghan War Grinds On - STRATFOR

The United States has reached another grim milestone in its war in Afghanistan. On Oct. 7, U.S. forces marked their 16th year of involvement in the conflict. What began as retaliation against al Qaeda, which had plotted the 9/11 attacks under the ...and more »

The war in Afghanistan messed with my head. Here's how I found peace — and hope. - Washington Post

The longest war in American history turns 16 years old Saturday — the anniversary of the first deployment of elite special operators to Afghanistan just weeks after the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history. Back then our mission was clear ...and more »

Concern Grows That Closing Taliban Office in Qatar Could Undermine Peace Talks - Voice of America

The Afghan government reportedly has sought the closure of the Afghan Taliban office in Qatar, citing the inefficiency of the office as a reason behind its request to the U.S. and Qatari officials. There has been no official confirmation of such a ...and more »

'Leave our country': Protesters in Afghanistan gather to decry 'US, NATO occupation' - RAWA News

Protesters took to the streets of the Afghan capital, Kabul on Friday to demand an end to the “American occupation” as the country marks 16 years since the beginning of the US and NATO invasion. Hundreds took to the streets, according to RT's Ruptly ...and more »

British special forces BACK in Afghanistan to hunt Taliban bomb-maker behind roadside attacks in Kabul - The Sun

THREE years after troops left Afghanistan, British special forces are back, joining an Afghan mission to hunt down a Taliban bomb-maker. About 30 SAS and SBS (Special Boat Service) troops have returned to Helmand, the Star on Sunday reports.and more »

Trump is the most powerless president in American history - Salon

Let's begin with the war in Afghanistan — because it's a war, and American soldiers are dying over there; because according to the Congressional Research Service, it costs the American taxpayer $3.9 million to keep one American soldier over there for ...and more »

Taliban Seizing Humvees To Use As Vehicle Bombs - TOLOnews

A number of security officials told TOLOnews on Monday that the Taliban has changed its war tactics and is increasingly using military vehicles, especially Humvees, to bomb Afghan security forces. The officials said Taliban mostly carry out the ...and more »

Pentagon: US Troop Deployment to Afghanistan 'Delayed' by Hurricane Relief Efforts - Breitbart News

The U.S. military's involvement in hurricane relief efforts has “slightly delayed” the deployment of additional American troops to Afghanistan, according to the Pentagon. “Forces are flowing to Afghanistan, they have been slightly delayed by ongoing ...and more »

America's inevitable war is now an invisible one - CNN

Michael Kugelman is deputy director and senior associate for South Asia with the Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The views expressed here are his own. (CNN) Sixteen years ago this Saturday, US troops entered Afghanistan. The decision to ...and more »