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General election: ITV to hold a leaders' debate despite Theresa May saying she will not attend - The Independent

Theresa May has been accused of "running scared" for refusing to take part in election TV debates, with at least one of the live events now confirmed to go ahead. Party leaders and MPs laid into the Prime Minister after she declined to be involved in ...and more »

Theresa May says no to general election TV debates - BBC News

Theresa May will not take part in TV debates ahead of the planned general election, she has told the BBC. The prime minister told BBC Radio 4's Today she preferred "to get out and about and meet voters". ITV has become the first broadcaster to confirm ...and more »

Theresa May accused of 'running scared' after refusing to participate in live TV election debate - The Independent

Theresa May has been accused of “running scared” after refusing to take part in live TV election campaign debates. The SNP's leader in Westminster Angus Robertson challenged the Prime Minister over her refusal to agree to the debates, which have become ...and more »

BBC And ITV To Defy Theresa May And Hold General Election 2017 TV Debates Anyway - Huffington Post UK

Two of Britain's biggest broadcasters are set to defy Theresa May's threat to boycott TV election debates - by going ahead with them anyway. ITV confirmed it would hold a televised leaders debate, as it did at the last two general elections, while the ...and more »

Theresa May is right to say no to a TV debate - (blog)

I worked on the first TV debate of the Scottish referendum. I was involved in countless more. I was to be found on the production team for televised clashes during the 2015 general election and the 2016 vote for Holyrood. So I speak with some ...and more »

May 'open to other options' after ruling out head-to-head television debates - The Guardian

Downing Street says PM willing to be questioned by the public and media on television, as broadcasters plan televised debates due to 'overwhelming' interest. Heather Stewart and Jane Martinson. Wed 19 Apr 2017 10.01 EDT Last modified on Mon 27 Nov 2017 ...and more »

British leader says no to televised debates - CNNMoney

If British voters were hoping for televised debates to help them decide in the election that was just announced, they'll be disappointed. There won't be any -- at least not featuring the prime minister. Theresa May, who called for an early general ...and more »

Theresa May 'considering number of TV formats' for election but will not debate other leaders - The Independent

Theresa May is considering appearing on TV as part of her election campaign, but will not participate in a head-to-head leaders' debate, it has been reported. Sky News reported the Prime Minister was considering a number of TV formats. She has been ...and more »

Theresa May chickens out of TV debates as Labour launch blistering attack on election U-turn -

Theresa May last night dodged more calls to join TV election debates. The PM ignored a Mirror Chicken plea as ITV vowed to go ahead with the shows. Jeremy Corbyn said: “If she is so proud of her record, why won't she debate it? "She says it's about ...and more »

Theresa May's decision not to do TV debates derided by opponents -

Twenty-four hours after announcing a spring election no one saw coming, Theresa May finds herself in the eye of a storm that could have been avoided. The British prime minister announced Wednesday she plans to skip any live televised debates ahead of ...and more »