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The Next Big Stage Where Trump Can Bash Chicago? Wait 'til Next Month -

Now that we've watched President Donald Trump's inaugural speech, we're ready for his next performance. That will be a speech to a joint session of Congress, tentatively set for February 28 via an invitation from Paul Ryan, as the House Speaker ...and more »

What Trump has done so far and what it all means - CNN

This is a rolling list of executive actions undertaken by President Donald Trump during his first month in office. (CNN) With the flick of a pen, a new president can undo years of work by a previous administration through his constitutional executive ...and more »

Your cheat sheet for executive orders, memorandums and proclamations - PBS NewsHour

Donald Trump has signed more than a dozen executive actions since taking office on policies covering immigration, health care, abortion and trade. But what exactly do they mean? Is there a difference between an executive order and an executive action?and more »

All of Trump's major executive actions so far - Politico

President Donald Trump has spent his first days using his executive authority to rewrite American policy and undo a string of decisions made by former president Barack Obama. Here's a running list of the new president's executive actions: 1. Providing ...and more »

Here's Why Comparing Executive Order Numbers Is a Waste of Time - Big Think

Over the course of his presidency, Barack Obama issued a total of 276 executive orders, according to the Federal Register. During his eight-year presidency, Obama was criticized for using the powers of the executive office to circumvent the ...and more »

Trump's flashy executive actions could run aground - Politico

President Donald Trump's team made little effort to consult with federal agency lawyers or lawmakers as they churned out executive actions this week, stoking fears the White House is creating the appearance of real momentum with flawed orders that ...and more »

Will President Trump's executive actions stick? - CNN

(CNN) In his first week as President, Donald Trump is taking executive actions at a rapid clip, scrawling his sawtooth autograph on documents he hopes will stake out a sharply conservative agenda over the next four years and beyond. Shaping his ...and more »

What is an executive order? And how do President Trump's stack up? - Washington Post

President Trump's first week in office has been marked by two things: controversy (over things like his inaugural crowd size and voter fraud accusations), and executive orders. The first is old hat for Trump. But for casual observers — and even some ...and more »

Trump's Economic Vows May Be Harder to Hit After a Slow 2016 - New York Times

President Trump's target for economic growth just got a little more distant. The government reported Friday that the economy grew by only 1.6 percent last year, shy of what experts had estimated and well below the 4 percent rate that Mr. Trump has ...and more »

How Trump's Executive Orders Could Set America Back 70 Years - The Atlantic

Despite all the lies and distortions, President Donald Trump has spent his first week in office assembling a coherent and well-planned framework for foreign policy. It is hiding in plain sight—frequently missed in the storm of tweets and the attacks ...and more »