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FACT CHECK: 4 Claims From Trump's Tax Speech - NPR

President Trump pitched a tax overhaul package on Wednesday in a speech that was heavy on politicking and light on the particulars. Trump's tax policy ideas are still sketchy — when pitched in April, they amounted to one page of bullet points. In his ...and more »

Notes on Trump's Tax Policy Speech in Missouri - Tax Foundation

Yesterday, President Trump laid out his goals for a federal tax overhaul, during an address in Springfield, Missouri. While the speech was short on detail, the broad objectives outlined by the President provide a good starting point for thinking about ...and more »

Trump's populist message on taxes comes with heavy dose of corporate rate cuts - Politico

President Donald Trump kicked off his efforts to sell a big tax package to voters on Wednesday, calling for a “pro-American” system that would cut tax rates for businesses and offer a boost to the middle class. Trump maintained that a new tax system ...and more »

Trump to seize populist mantle for pitching messy tax overhaul - Politico

President Donald Trump will launch a major push for a sweeping tax overhaul with a speech Wednesday in Missouri aimed at convincing his base — and the rest of the nation — that he has a fresh vision for “unrigging” the American economy and isn't just ...and more »

Trump Says His Tax Reform Plan Is Good for the Little Guy. It's Not - Newsweek

President Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for tax reform on Wednesday, vowing to pass a measure this fall that is “pro-jobs, pro-worker and pro-American,” but he has yet to come up with a detailed plan—and what has been put forward would ...and more »

The Trillion-Dollar Problem With Trump's Tax Plan - Money Magazine

On Wednesday, President Trump promised to “un-rig” America's tax system. It's an appealing idea, but there's a big problem: Tax proposals Trump has actually offered so far would benefit the wealthy far more than the middle class, might not grow the ...and more »

FactChecking Trump's Tax Speech -

In a speech on changing the tax code, President Donald Trump offered some political spin on the facts. Trump claimed “anywhere from $3 trillion to $5 trillion” of profits are left overseas by U.S. companies to avoid U.S. taxes. But his own press office ...and more »

For Tax Reform Lessons, Congress Needn't Look Far - New York Times

President Trump made his pitch for tax reform this week, but the odds are not favorable for legislation that would reduce individual and corporate rates and promote economic growth without driving up the national deficit. For inspiration, maybe Mr ...and more »

Trump's Fill-in-the-Blanks Tax Reform Plan - The Atlantic

Subscribe to The Atlantic's Politics & Policy Daily, a roundup of ideas and events in American politics. Four months ago, the Trump administration released the outlines of a tax-reform plan—a one-page list of ideas and principles that was notable ...and more »

Trump's growing economy faces fall obstacles - The Hill

An ebullient President Trump on Wednesday touted the U.S. economy's 3 percent growth in the second quarter and boasted that the best is yet to come. In a speech meant to sell his tax-reform plan, Trump said the latest statistics highlight how he's ...and more »