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Gracious runners rewarded for fair play - Olympics

Two Olympic athletes who helped each other reach the finish line after an accidental mid-race collision in the women's 5,000m have both been granted places in the final. Athletics - Fair play Getty Images. New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin and the USA's ...and more »

After stumbles in 5000m, two Olympians exhibit hearts of gold - Christian Science Monitor

New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin was lying on the track during a qualifying heat of the women's 5,000 meters. American Abbey D'Agostino stopped to help her up. The two helped each other finish the race. By Gerald Imray, Associated Press August 17, 2016 ...and more »

Second with a smile: The Olympic sport of losing gracefully - NBC Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — In a world in turmoil, one thing never changes: the Olympic sport of losing gracefully. With a crisp, assured landing of his final somersault off the parallel bars, Oleg Verniaiev bumped Danell Leyva out of the gold-medal spot ...and more »

Forget the gold medal: Why these runners are true Olympic champions -

We're always hearing how it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. But can you live by that classic rule of great sportsmanship at the Olympic level? The answer when it comes to runners Abbey D'Agostino (U.S.) and Nikki Hamblin (New ...and more »

They were strangers at the starting line. Less than 20 minutes later, they were eternally linked. - Washington Post

RIO DE JANEIRO — They were strangers at the starting line, a 24-year-old Dartmouth graduate who barely qualified for these Olympics and an English-born runner who transplanted to New Zealand seven years ago. Less than 20 minutes later, they found ...and more »

Knee injury keeps inspirational US runner Abbey D'Agostino from 5000m final - NBC Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The 5,000-meter runner whose act of friendship captured the Olympic spirit will not return to the track in Rio after tearing ligaments in her knee. Abbey D'Agostino said Wednesday that her season was over, but her message ...and more »

American runner Abbey D'Agostino stops to help fallen athlete in ultimate demonstration of Olympic spirit -

A 5,000 metre runner stopped mid-race to help a fallen athlete in a true demonstration of sportsmanship at the Rio Olympics. New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin fell during the 5,000m heats and accidentally tripped up Abbey D'Agostino of the United States ...and more »

A fall in the 5000 delivers an uplifting moment - USA TODAY

RIO DE JANEIRO — Perhaps the most moving parcel of time that these Games will see happened at Olympic Stadium on Tuesday morning, in the heats of the women's 5,000 meters. It was a moment that forged a friendship between two athletes who had never ...and more »

Olympic spirit: New Zealand and American runners help each other after collision - The Guardian

Abbey D'Agostino of the United States (R) is assisted by Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand after a collision during the Women's 5000m heat. Photograph: Ian Walton/Getty Images. A New Zealand and US athlete have been praised for embodying Olympic spirit ...and more »

Rio 2016: 'Olympic spirit' illustrated by Nikki Hamblin, Abbey D'Agostino after fall on track - ABC Online

An outstanding act of sportsmanship between two track and field athletes, described as illustrating the "Olympic spirit", has brought the crowd to its feet at the main stadium in Rio. New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D'Agostino of the US both ...and more »